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Topic: Newbie question-can Kontakt be used live?

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    Newbie question-can Kontakt be used live?

    I am a musical director and am about to take a show on tour where I need to cover the brass and extra percussion with samples, and they need to be played live. I am interested in ProjectSAM Brass and True Strike. Can Kontakt be used live and be stable? Can you map and layer sounds across the keyboard and save the setup? Would there be latency issues? If this is not the right program, any other suggestions?

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    Re: Newbie question-can Kontakt be used live?

    I don;t know if this is too late a reply for you, but yes it can.

    I have just finished a tour where I used Brainspawn Forte as a VST host to control all my soft synths / samplers.

    You need Brainspawn (http://www.brainspawn.com) really to get the most out of Kontakt (MIDI routing, scene changing etc etc), but over 45 dates, I never had 1 crash or computer related glitch. I used immensly complicated MIDi routing and programming within Kontakt.

    You may need to customise the programming of the patches (as I did) - just loading them up and trying to map them wouldn't work for me.

    My setup was Forte running:
    2 instances of Kontakt 2
    2 instances of Battery (one for triggering tracks and SFX, and the other to trigger the click - an annoyance of VST hosts is that they only allow 1 output for each instance of a synth, so I couldn't have the click and track coming from the same instance).
    Pro 53 (fantastic PWM strings for layering with a K2 piano)
    and various VST FX plugins

    Superbly solid. No complaints.



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