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Topic: Kontact volume settings

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    Kontact volume settings

    When an instrument is first inserted into Cubase the Kontact players main volume knob is in a preset position. But, as I work with the music I find that the setting seems to get changed (ex. 0db is reset to another value. I can manually change this value, but as soon as I reset the song position to the start the value returns to it's prior setting. Any ideas?

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    Re: Kontact volume settings

    You might check the player's Options menu to see if the "Use std. cc#7/cc#10 Volume and Pan" is turned on. If you wish to adjust relative instrument volume from the player's knob this option must be turned off. And then it will only work for a single setting that never changes. If it is turned on you must place cc#7 data at the beginning of your tracks to tell the player what level to set. Keep in mind that the virtual knobs in the player do not generate any data (that can be recorded to your tracks.) They are just internal controls for the player. Any changes in settings must come in the form of data arriving from an external source, like a MIDI keyboard or your MIDI tracks.

    There is a second related subject here that I should make certain you understand: The player's volume knob or cc#7 data can be used to set relative levels between instruments (set and forget) but should never be used for expressive volume changes in a track. That is the job of the mod wheel for expressive instruments like strings and winds. I did a search on this subject and found a similar thread. You may find my response helpful: http://www.northernsounds.com/forum/...ighlight=wheel


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    Re: Kontact volume settings

    Thanks Tom. That did it. For others who might have the same confusion, I thought the manual was suggesting a mod wheel bump at the beginning of the track rather than CC#7 (main volume). Thanks again.

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