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Topic: GPOA... or adding new sounds to GPO classic?

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    GPOA... or adding new sounds to GPO classic?

    from the various threads and topics and discussions and rumours and all-that, well, I get the impression that GPOA will NOT be quite like GPO classic.

    I'm not of the sort who likes to jump on every new thing that comes along. I'd rather buy something that I know works and has value for my work. Which was why I got GPO. I WAS hoping however, that at some point, various little updates/additions would be made to GPO. For example, it would have been nice to have KS string sections with real harmonics. It seems to me that a simple sample patch or update would have done the trick.

    I guess my greatest worry is that GPOA will NOT work as easily as GPO does with Finale.

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    Re: GPOA... or adding new sounds to GPO classic?

    Patience - it will come You need to give Robert time to incorporate GPOA's MIDI interface into HP. GPO didn't work too well with Finale at first either.

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