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Topic: The Jade Project - Full Score

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    The Jade Project

    I finished up this twenty-six-minute soundtrack a few weeks ago. A friend asked me to score his Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds mod called The Jade Project. For those who don't know about "modding," it basically involves the modification of a computer game. This ranges from changing the color of somebody's suit of armor to turning Colonial America into Star Trek. In this case, my friend created a story in this Star Wars game in which a Rebel strike team infiltrates an Imperial facility on a terraformed jungle planet. It is the sequel to another mod he created called Station X39, in which a Republic scientist named Dr. Onimova builds a horrific device upon a space station capable of utilizing the Force to destroy life. The experiment is foiled by a Jedi Knight named Kalen Oonar, who destroys the station and disappears. Twenty years later, the barren site of X39 has been terraformed into a jungle resort by the Empire.

    Note: there are two download links for each track. The first one doesn't work; click the one with smaller text.

    1. Entering Orbit (0:49)
    Rebel agents Ross and Leigh arrive at the resort planet, and Leigh explains its history to Ross.

    2. Promises (1:19)
    Ross expresses worry about the mission. "Do you ever wonder if what you're supposed to do isn't what you're meant to do?" Leigh assures him that everything will turn out well.

    3. Site X39 (1:09)
    The two lovers review the mission briefing (infiltrate the Imperials to secure passage to Los Enta, the hub of Rebel activity) and say good-bye. Ross boards a water transport and arrives at the Imperial mining facility.

    4. Moving Out (1:04)
    After having infiltrated and secured a position in the Imperial mining facility, Ross moves out into the night with the Imperials and the Wookiee slaves. They arrive at an abandoned base and stay the night.

    5. Spiders (1:57)
    When a stormtrooper's scream is heard, Ross goes to investigate. He finds a hole in the wall, and through it streaming a hoard of giant spiders. Ross battles and defeats the spiders.

    6. Diversion and Escape (2:02)
    When Ross is unable to answer a question, the Imperial lieutenant realizes that Ross is a spy. Suddenly, a cloaked figure appears and attacks the Imperial lieutenant with a lightsaber. Ross escapes into the night, and is summoned by one of the Wookiee slaves. The slave leads Ross to a Wookiee village. There, the Wookiees explain that Ross must return to the Imperial camp to steal a mining vehicle which they need.

    7. The Walker Lunges (0:27)
    Ross has commandeered the mining vehicle. Suddenly, an Imperial AT-AT walker appears around a bend. Ross destroys it with the help of some Wookiees.

    8. Ruins of the Station (1:00)
    The Wookiees point Ross toward Los Enta, and he continues his journey. As he hacks through the jungle, he passes the remains of the fallen Station X39.

    9. The Return of Kalen Oonar (0:32)
    When Ross reaches Los Enta, he is united with an old ally: Kalen Oonar, the Jedi who destroyed Station X39. Kalen explains that they must destroy the main Imperial base. He directs Ross toward a landing platform at which an Imperial shuttle can be stolen.

    10. A Day at the Beach (1:05)
    Ross fights through waves of stormtroopers to reach the shuttle.

    11. Change of Plans (2:22) *
    Ross takes off in the shuttle. Meanwhile, Leigh has infiltrated a high position in the Imperial base. She confronts Dr. Onimova, who is presently working on a new experiment. He also explains that a Rebel agent has destroyed their patrols in the area, and that Darth Vader has arrived to personally deal with the situation.

    12. The Jade Project (2:20)
    Dr. Onimova explains his new version of the Force-destroying device he had once created aboard Station X39 to Leigh and Darth Vader. Then, an officer reports that the Rebel agent has arrived.

    13. The Onslaught (2:24)
    Ross and Kalen Oonar successfully set the detonation charges around the Imperial base. However, they become cornered by a huge Imperial force. Ross fights to defeat them, and succeeds. However, Darth Vader then arrives, kills Kalen Oonar, and captures Ross.

    14. Promises (4:03) *
    Vader and Onimova interrogate Ross as to the location of the detonation charges. Ross refuses to answer. Vader decrees that Ross be sent to the blast furnace. At the furnace, Leigh speaks with Ross for the final time. She loves him, but she cannot save him because it would compromise her position. Ross is ordered into the blast furnace. He looks for an escape hatch. Vader orders the furnace activated. Later on, Vader confers with his master, Emperor Palpatine. Palpatine concludes that Ross has played his part well; exposed the Jedi and drawn out a traitor. Vader realizes that this traitor is Leigh.

    15. End Credits (1:59)

    * Features Star Wars themes by John Williams.

    All samples are from Garritan Personal Orchestra and Garritan Jazz/Big Band. I used Overture 4.0 to notate and record the score.
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    Re: The Jade Project - Full Score

    Great job on this!

    Some of the areas I especially enjoyed were the reed voicings in
    Entering Orbit (and the beginning of The Jade Project, amid Promises,
    etc.), Spiders, the opening of Diversion and Escape, the ethereal
    Ruins of the Station... ah, heck, I liked all of them...lol.

    Promises would stand well as a concert piece on its own, too, with
    a little more development; and the end credits are first rate, Cerrabore.

    Congratulations on completing a major project like this -- with excellence.

    My best,


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    Re: The Jade Project - Full Score

    I've only managed to download (dial-up) and listen to the first two pieces, but these were already enough for me to say WOW!, great production, sounds and melodies. It sounds like a lot of effort went into this.

    Entering Orbit is really very interesting use of the sound palette. Promises is a great tune and begs for a longer treatment.


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    Re: The Jade Project - Full Score

    Very nice work!

    very professional...

    I agree that "Promises" truly stands alone. A well constructed arrangement.
    A great accomplishment!...Terrific work.


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    Re: The Jade Project - Full Score


    Very well done. Great orchestration and mixing. I especially enjoyed End Eredits.

    Congrats on this,


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    Re: The Jade Project - Full Score

    I'm finishing up listening to the entire score. What a TON of work must have gone into this! I'm very impressed with the writing and the orchestration. It really sounds great. CONGRATULATIONS!

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    Re: The Jade Project - Full Score

    Thanks all.

    About that "Promises" concert arrangement suggestion - the first or second one? Probably shouldn't have named them the same thing, heh. I figured it was the first, because it's more coherent (while the second "Promises" is made up of three separately written/recorded cues).

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    Re: The Jade Project - Full Score

    Great job on this massive undertaking. Excellent scoring to gain the effect desired for each segment.


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    Re: The Jade Project - Full Score

    Great music and outstanding rendering! Congratulations!


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