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Topic: Convert Reason or Halion samples to Giga?

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    Convert Reason or Halion samples to Giga?

    Hi, all

    How can I convert Reason or Halion drum samples to use in gigastudio 2.5?

    I've got www.samplelab.com Drum Fundamentals and Luscious Grooves--but they're on Reason Refill and on .WAV/EXS24/Halion formats.

    Do I need a conversion software? Which one?

    What are the "best" giga-compatible drums out there?
    That is, for new-age, ethnic, or soft rock sounds?

    Many thanks,
    From a newbie

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    Re: Convert Reason or Halion samples to Giga?

    The best Giga-compatible drums, and perhaps the best drumkit sample library made period, is the Larry Seyer Acoustic Drum library. Same kit and drummer that drive King Crimson. It is a superb library for just about any style you'd care to produce, with literally dozens of different room and component combinations.

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    Re: Convert Reason or Halion samples to Giga?

    Reason Refills are a protected format...
    If they are just external samples with patches assigned, then you can convert them. Otherwise, you would have to make a sequence with each drum hit, the export it, then crop and save all the different samples. In my opinion, they won't compare to a good dedicated giga drum library, and it wouldn't be worth the tedium. If you need them that badly for a particular track, why not just use Reason? Using a virtual midi router, Reason makes a great low-overhead ram-based sampler.

    Good luck!

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    Re: Convert Reason or Halion samples to Giga?

    I think Extreme Sample Converter from www.extranslator.com or Translator from www.chickensys.com could do the conversion, at least from HALion.


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    Re: Convert Reason or Halion samples to Giga?

    Thanks for the suggestions.

    Larry Seyer Drums are great--but only work with giga 3, not 2.5...
    Meanwhile, I discovered the Larry Seyer Acoustic Bass on his site--sounds phenomenal. http://www.larryseyer.com/content/view/39/54/

    My search for great giga drums continues.


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