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Topic: Gigastudio killed EWQLSO Silver

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    Gigastudio killed EWQLSO Silver, major authorization problem!

    Arlight I'm pissed! I just posted the same problem on the soundsonline forum, but more exposure the better. I already had to re auth my Silver once already because of a windows reinstall on a different partition. Changed the fingerprint. How it did god only knows, but it did. So I had to deactivate my auth key and get another one.

    Then yesterday I reinstall gigastudio because I discovered the patch that enables it to function under winxp. Somehow it kills my Silver kontakt player. Not the demo one from the demo disc mind, no, that still works. But Silver, dead in the water. So I unistall Gigastudio, doesn't help. Reinstall Silver, just the update at first, nothing. Reinstall from disc, have to reauthorize. Apparently uninstalling gigastudio changed the fingerprint of my system because my auth key didn't work. Came up with the error 5 or whatever. So I figure deactivate that one like I did before and get another. Nope, only aloud 2, so I can't get another. Which means the $300 I spent on that library just got flushed down the toilet. If I can't get this to work I will never ever buy another NI product, because this registration thing is crap!

    If anyone could offer any advice or anything I would be very grateful!

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    Re: Gigastudio killed EWQLSO Silver

    I ran into a problem with all my NI Instruments and had to re-authorize them, some more than two times. If you look into your user account at Native Instruments, there is a place to manage your authorizations, to where you can deactivate authorizations you no longer use...or have become invalid because of system changes. So you are able to get more authorizations, but you have to delete those that you are no longer using. Take a look into that and you should be good to go.

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