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Topic: looking for hardware in LA (area)

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    looking for hardware in LA (area)

    sorry but I need your help guys!

    I need some hardware, where can I get used MIDI hardware in LA?

    Looking for

    1x Roland JV1080
    1x Roland XV3080
    1x Roland SC88
    1x Emu Proteus 2500
    1x Korg 01W
    1x Alesis DM5

    can anybody help, cash is waiting....

    thanx for helping!

    best, imusic

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    Re: looking for hardware in LA (area)

    It's too bad Black Market Music is no more....I loved that place.

    However, pawn shops in Hollywood and the Valley are littered with old MIDI gear like that.

    Also, the LA Craig's List community is huge. Search there or put up a "Wanted Ad" there and you'll probably find what you're after.

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    Re: looking for hardware in LA (area)

    I have the JV1080 and Alesis DM5. I haven't heard of the Proteus2500. Did you mean Proteus2000? If so, I'll sell that too.

    I have no idea what they're worth. so drop me an PM and we can figure something out. I'm in Hollywood.

    - Mike Greene

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    Re: looking for hardware in LA (area)

    I had a Roland JV90 which I gave to a client as a present. I wish I hadn't done it now in some ways because it had a longish keyboard and a fairly good sprung action. Still, at least it's probably being appreciated.

    Same with the Kurzweil K2000 - good action and both these babies carried nice sounds.

    One always thinks back to old gear with fondness.

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    Re: looking for hardware in LA (area)


    I sent you a PM on a 3080...

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