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Topic: Who's using Stylus RMX for rock/pop drums?

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    Who's using Stylus RMX for rock/pop drums?

    I'm a guitarist who knows little about programming drums. My interests are straight forward rock and pop. When getting started in PC recording about a year ago, I tried a few different things (Battery, DR-008, Jamstix, Slicy Drummer) but ended up getting Groove Agent. I really like it! For getting a basic song constructed, intro, verses, chorus, fills, bridge, etc. there is nothing that could possibly be simpler.

    But with all that simplicity you, of course, get limitations. There are just not enough variations of my favorite styles and now I'm looking for something to augment Groove Agent. Everyone keeps raving about Stylus RMX, but it seems like there's not too many people using it for basic rock and pop drums. On the other hand BFD seems like way too much work to get a good result.

    So I'm leaning toward getting RMX with Backbeat and maybe some other REX libraries. I'd be great to hear from others who are happy with this combination.

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    Re: Who's using Stylus RMX for rock/pop drums?

    I use rmx for everything from pop and rock to techno and industrial. It works very well.

    Backbeat, burning grooves - heck, all the expanders are amazing as well.

    Also, the New Orleans strut has some great grooves as well.

    Now with total rex (15,000 rex loops), and the fact that rmx is 100% open ended and expandable (just get recycle 2), there's no reason to use everything else.


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    Re: Who's using Stylus RMX for rock/pop drums?

    Toontrack's EZDrummer is another one you should consider.

    For original progressive electronic rock influenced by J.S. Bach and (old) Rush, check out: www.soundclick.com/jeffreynaness.

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    Re: Who's using Stylus RMX for rock/pop drums?

    Hi Brig,

    You know, this might be take it or leave it kind of advice, depending on what your pop interests are, but...

    I think unless you're a drummer, the most inventive thing you can do is purposefully stay away from programming imitative drums, and instead, just concentrate on building a rhythmic groove that doesn't try in any way to be taken as actual drum playing.

    That way, you are not plagued with expectations of parts being plausibly "real." Instead, they can be judged for what they are, and it allows you a different kind of creative license.

    Even pretty straightforward pop these days is often completely non-realistic when it comes to the drumming/percussion writing. So, anything goes.

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    Smile Re: Who's using Stylus RMX for rock/pop drums?

    u should definitely check out jamstix, it seems like it is right up your alley-- (www.rayzoon.com) it's very easy to use, offers limitless variation, and u can use bfd or another drum program for the sound while jamstix is like the drummer--- it also has its own internal sounds (and some additional expansion packs ) so u don't have to get bfd if u don't want (although highly recommended)-- also, the price is very reasonable, and i think customers agree that the support for this product may be the best available for any music application-- I can't even begin to imagine doing drumtracks without it- when i first started with computer samples, i was gonna get groove agent, but after further research i heard about jamstix so i went with that and bfd instead (i just didn't want to have the limitations inherent in these types of programs like GA)-- anyway, check it out (boy this is starting to sound like an infomercial truth is just an extremely happy customer here-- it is a revolutionary product)

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    Re: Who's using Stylus RMX for rock/pop drums?

    I do play drums, but frankly I don't believe that it's very difficult to come up with drum parts. Just do hi-hat/cyms in one pass and a snare/bass pattern in another. You can then cut and paste, quantize, etc. - it doesn't take very long.

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    Re: Who's using Stylus RMX for rock/pop drums?

    I tend to agree with Bruce. A weenie beat can really mess up a good song. EZDrummer is really something to consider though. it has hundreds of pre-made MIDI grooves so you can drag and drop an entire song in minutes complete with fills. And it sounds amazing. You can also use them to learn how to program your own in the long run.

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    Re: Who's using Stylus RMX for rock/pop drums?

    Quote Originally Posted by Bruce A. Richardson
    That way, you are not plagued with expectations of parts being plausibly "real." Instead, they can be judged for what they are,
    Why does everything have to be judged?
    And what is the real thing?

    The 15 year old son of a friend of mine saw a piano the first time and said:
    "Wow, this sounds nearly as good as my Korg M1 Piano"
    In his head the synth-piano is the real thing.

    Most Drummers use drum-computers in a studio, Phil Collins was the first.
    Someone told me "A drummer can't play Hi-Hat Toms and Snare at the same time"
    I said: "Thats his problem, not mine."

    Chris Hein
    Chris Hein - Horns / Chris Hein - Guitars / Chris Hein - Bass

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    Re: Who's using Stylus RMX for rock/pop drums?

    i personally prefer bfd o dfh....it's more realistic ..it tells u everything about what u use so if u need something for live recording u can easily say which toms or snares u used.....more professional..

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    Re: Who's using Stylus RMX for rock/pop drums?

    While products like Scarbees Imperial Drums and BFD certainly have a lot more to offer when it comes to realistic single hits with lots of variations and velocityswitches it really takes a very good drummer with a fullblown padcontrollersetup or supersophisticated drumpprogramming chops to get a similar level of realism and feel like good drumloopcollections like Backbeat, Burning Grooves or Liquid Grooves.
    Personally i prefer to tweak some slice positions in RMX to customize those loops so they play the way i want them.

    With BFD it also takes a lot of drummixingskills to give it a finished sound.

    Total control is great but i rather spend more time arranging horns or improving the chordvoicings instead of optimizing microphone leakage to make the kit sit in the mix.
    Its probably a matter of focus.


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