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Topic: A Spectrasonics Wish List

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    A Spectrasonics Wish List

    Greetings Eric, if you are out there.
    I have all 3 Spec VSTi's and think you make the finest products on the
    market, so this is only a suggestion to make a great line of
    instruments that much better.
    I frequently compose on a powerbook and will later move the project
    over to my PC (XP) because it has more power.
    When doing this the Trilo & Atmo instruments all show up empty, (no
    patches) a real drag having to go back to the PB session to find out
    which of the 5 Trillion presets have been selected for each instance of
    these 2 plugs, especially since like most people they are used in
    multiple instances.
    Oddly enough RMX migrates flawlessy, all grooves are there just how
    they were when saved.
    So, if you guys can do this for RMX, and NI has no problems with their vsti's in this regard, maybe it'd be something you'd consider looking into?
    Admittedly it isn't a bug or a showstopper,...just a time consuming PITA.



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    Re: A Spectrasonics Wish List

    I am sure Eric will answer directly, but they didn't make the engine for Atmosphere or Trilogy but they did for RMX and that is why it can 'trade patches' etc...

    richard sven
    sound sculptist
    Nuendo 4.3 | Intel DP35DP : Intel Quad Core QX 6700 : 4GB RAM | Windows XP Pro SP3 | Lynx Two C | Midisport 2x2 | 2xUAD-1, UAD-2 Quad |

    Cubase 4.5.2 | MacBookPro 2.16 Ghz | 10.6.3 | 2GB | TC Konnekt 8

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    Re: A Spectrasonics Wish List

    What host are you using?

    If it's the same host, the patches that are saved in the song should work fine cross-platform.

    Of course that's not the case with different hosts.


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    Re: A Spectrasonics Wish List

    Thanks for the reply-

    I use Nuendo PC and Mac,

    Trilo & Atmo do not migrate, yet as mentioned i.e NI Pro 53 migrates no prob and RMX does as well.


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    Re: A Spectrasonics Wish List

    Wow...that's odd...works OK in Cubase SX cross-platform.

    We'll look into that.


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    Re: A Spectrasonics Wish List

    Thanks again Eric,
    I did speak to someone at Spec regarding this, they explained that it is the way it is with the those axes. unfortunately,..

    I wonder why RMX has no such issue?

    Thanks again for the reply, you know if it would help at all I can email tech support a NPR (Nuendo project) no audio included that has these instances in it. When you open the project you can see. But I'm sure you guys can do this on your daws as well...
    I am surprised that Cubase migrates platforms and keeps the patches intakt,.. same engine really,.. hmmm?



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    Re: A Spectrasonics Wish List

    Yes, please send tech support a file and reference this thread.

    Apologies that you received incorrect info from our tech support department.

    All VST hosts that are cross-platform should have song compatibility with ALL Spectrasonics instruments.

    If this is not the case, we need to investigate why and let the host maker know about it.


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    Re: A Spectrasonics Wish List

    Thanks Eric,

    I sent a test to tech support, I'm very curious to see the outcome.
    Thanks again.



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    Re: A Spectrasonics Wish List

    Hey Eric,

    I got a Msg back from the Spec tech support confirming this is the case with
    Nuendo, I would imagine Cubase as well.

    One puzzling thing is, why does RMX migrate no probs, and not the other two axes ?



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    Re: A Spectrasonics Wish List

    Yes...we confirmed that this is the case with the UVI instruments. I was suprised about this, since it didn't used to be this way, but it probably happpened due to the changes we needed to make in those instruments for OSX/AU.

    RMX uses our own SAGE-based engine, which is why it's different and fully cross-platform compatible with cross-platform hosts.


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