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Topic: Newbie to garritan

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    Newbie to garritan

    I'm pretty new to softsynths. Got Finale for x-mas and have just been using the patches on my yamaha motif for playback and recording. I just can't get good enough sounds with the garritan patches in Finale. Are these scaled down, or have I no clue what I'm doing? I use the human playback, and articulations from finale. Are there other ways I don't know about to modify the garritan patches in Finale?

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    Re: Newbie to garritan

    Welcome, Andy!

    Are you setting dynamics in the Finale score, Andy (with expressions)?

    As general practice, it's best to do that at the beginning of each part.


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    Re: Newbie to garritan

    It is also a very good idea to use the Ambience reverb. Some reverb does wonders to the sound. If you select one of the presets, raise the DRY slider to 0 dB. You may also have to lower the WET slider a little.

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    Re: Newbie to garritan

    Actually, I'm using human playback and all the finale articulations. I got frustrated and just used my motif DAW voices, and I think they sound ok. If you don't mind I'll leave a link to a few short pieces I wrote in finale using human playback and my keyboard voices. One's the start of a full orchestra piece, "Simeon's Cove" and I've got a quintet and solo piano piece in there too. Maybe you can comment on the quality of the patches, and let me know if you think it'd be worthwhile spending more time with the Garritan voices.


    Thanks for your input


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    Re: Newbie to garritan

    Well, I'll keep at it anyway. I don't have enough midi channels for a full orchestra with my DAW, and keep having to shift stuff around.

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    Re: Newbie to garritan

    I like all of the pieces.

    Here is some feedback from a non-expert:

    Simeon's cave sounds like there may be some saturation/clipping at the end. Perhaps some equalization would help also. Too much bass?

    On both Simeon and Priego, I thought some phrases would sound better with legato but I suppose it is the composers call.

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    Re: Newbie to garritan

    They still need alot of work. I haven't really put phrasing marks and enough dynamics in. And there is some real bad clipping at the end of Simeon. Think I have the brass in a real poor register, and I keep trying to make them louder. Maybe I'll play around with transposing.

    Thanks for the feedback.


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