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Topic: New guy's questions

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    Question New guy's questions

    Hi. I'm up and running with GPO on my laptop and Cubase SX, but still working out some kinks and need some help. I tried running a couple of the .cpr demo downloads by Mr. Franchetti, and the computer crashed before it could play them. I have a Dell 600M with 'equivalent to" 2.4 ghz and 1.256 gigs of RAM. But I notice that the VST (cpu) meter in Cubase shows that I am using almost 50% of capacity simply by loading the file! Then, when I start to play it quickly overloads and crashes the program. Why does simply loading the file use so much CPU?
    N.B. I was able to play 'Ahhmovies' by Franchetti, so apparently it uses less resources.
    My second question is about Ambience. Is it a separate purchase? I don't see it anywhere on my system associated with GPO, so can't quite exactly follow the on-line tutorials as faithfully as I'd like.

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    Re: New guy's questions

    Hi claysf,

    Welcome to the forum! I am not sure why Francesco's .cpr file is not working perfectly. I run across this problem with transfering sequencer files often. Something is awry as I also have a Dell 600M and was able to open this file. Try saving the file as a standard midi file and reconstruct it and see if you still have the problem. Also try raising your buffers. As far as Ambience, you can download it here: http://garritan.com/downloads.html

    Hope this helps.

    Gary Garritan

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    Re: New guy's questions

    Thanks for getting back so fast, Gary. I'll try them as MIDI files, and tinker around with the buffers. The demo I've already worked with was a marvelous learning tool, and I really like the music too. Vale la pena!

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