Aaaargh! What is it with GPO percussion volume? It is *very* soft in Sib4.1 and I really have to crank both the volume and the velocity.

What's even more frustrating is that the same problem exists in Finale. Did something go south when the GPO library was retooled for these OEM's, because I never have this problem with Overture, neither within its own VST or playing out through GPO Studio.

I think the overall problem is that the other instruments' volumes seem to been lowered, which means you have to crack them up, which in turn overpowers the percussion. For example, setting an instrument in Overture to 80 (or even 60) produces more than enough volume oomph, while in both Sibelius and Finale, the instruments default volume load is anywhere from 95-100 (101 in Finale). And you can't turn them down to 60-80 unless you're willing to crank your sound system up and then turn a mile out of your chair whenever a system alert sound blasts out your speakers.

Another issue:

In the GPO Manual for Sibelius, I believe the midi key # assignments for the bass drum sounds in the new Basic Orchestra layout (did it really need to change from the old layout?) are wrong. I don't have the manual with me now, but I think it's C2 and C#2 (hit/roll). Give it a try and what you get is a low timpani note. I tried the traditional C0 and even C1, but to no avail.

Any words of wisdow for a frustrated with but lover of GPO?