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Topic: Install mess

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    Install mess

    How about this one .....
    I originally installed Gigasampler, followed by an upgrade to Gigastudio 160, and all was working for a number of years, and then the drive destroyed itself.
    New Hard drive, and new install of XP.,,,, can't find, and have lost gigasampler, so it appears I can't reload GS 160, as it's an upgrade and looks for evidence of Gigasampler. Any Ideas most appreciated.

    Pentuim 4 / 2.8
    Audiophile 2496
    SATA HD 8.8 ms seektime
    Windows XP sp1

    Bryan H

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    Re: Install mess

    Contact Tascam. I didn't think Gigasampler could be installed on XP to begin with.

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    Re: Install mess

    Yeah .... just found that out .... I did manage to get GStudio 160 to almost load/install ... says it cant find an entry point at "Kernel32.dll" and that is where my world stops ..... In frustration I have just ordered GS 3 Ensemble which should be here in New Zealand in a week or so ...
    same ol same ol .... thanks for your reply, I was beginning to think it was something i said


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    Re: Install mess

    A small update on the 2.5 install ..... when trying to load GS
    A box comes up which says
    (( The procedure entry point "ThunkConnect32" could not be located in the dynamic link library "KERNEL32.dll" ))

    can anyone shed any light on this?

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