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Topic: machine gun string tremolo

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    machine gun string tremolo

    I am writing for string quartet. Is there a way to make the tremolo sound even a little realistic. It sounds like a machine gun. I have tried entering sustain pedal data, I've tried lowering the velocity, and offsetting the timing of the various instruments. The result so far is unusable. Is this just a lack with the product?

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    Re: machine gun string tremolo

    I just did a critical listening with the sustain pedal and without. There is no change in the sound whatsoever. In other words, there is no legato function that I can detect. Is anyone else having this problem? And yes I have the correct setting for sustain in the options menu.

    This is a feature that is very important to me and would love to have it remedied.


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    Re: machine gun string tremolo

    Oh solo string tremolo... why are you so elusive? This is really tough to do with the solo strings. Hopefully GPO-A will just have recorded solo string tremolo. First of all you want to make sure you are using the solo strings KS. Then be sure to hit the G keyswitch (I think it's G1?). That gives the up-bow on the release.

    The tremolo notes themselves I found to have the most realistic effect with higher velocities (no legato), and also if the notes are quite short.

    For me this feature takes some messing around in the piano roll editor of DP to get to sound just right. I imagine it will be easier if you are using a sequencer rather than a notation program, but I've never tried it in Finale, so I don't know for sure. Anyway, hope that helps!

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