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Topic: Old Lady & Emperor pianos.

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    Old Lady & Emperor pianos.

    I just get the PMI Old Lady & Emperor pianos for my K2 & they sound pretty good to me..... I love them.
    Anyway, just wondering what is your favorite multi for playing classical music (like Beethoven piano sonatas, etc)?


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    Re: Old Lady & Emperor pianos.


    I prefer Old Lady and Worras Black Grand -- and Steiny D when I use a lot of tracks...

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    Re: Old Lady & Emperor pianos.

    Of the pianos I own, Old Lady is the one I prefer for classical, and sometimes for pop too. I'd like to get TBO at some point, but often after I get wrapped up in some new piano I still find myself going back to the Old Lady- I really like it!!

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    Re: Old Lady & Emperor pianos.

    Emperor is still my favorite of all the libraries I own, with TBO coming second


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