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Topic: Note releases cut off when playing via keyboard

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    Note releases cut off when playing via keyboard

    I've had GPO for quite some time now, though I admittedly haven't done all that much with it yet. One maddening problem that occurs consistently when I control GPO in realtime with my keyboard is that the note releases get cut off when I release the key. This occurs regardless of whether I'm running GPO standalone or within Sonar HS 4. If I release a key while another key is still being held down, that release will play; it's only when I release a key and no other keys are being pressed that the issue occurs. Strangely enough, if I record in Sonar, all the note releases play just fine on playback!

    Anyone have a clue as to what's going on? I searched all over the forums and couldn't find any other post with an issue like this.

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    Re: Note releases cut off when playing via keyboard

    three things to try:
    1. try increasing the "length" control on the GPO interface. if it is set too low it will cut off the release.

    2. make sure the poliphony setting is high enough on GPO. this is indicated by two little notes followed by 0/0 or some other number in the GPO control panel. drag the second number up to increase poliphony.

    3. be sure that you are not sending a duplicate midi signal. turn "local off" on your keyboard and set it to send only one chanel at a time. and don't use "omni" as a midi chanel on the gpo interface.

    I have a feeling that it has something to do with extra midi messages, but it might be as simple as the length control.
    hope this helps. let me know if you figure it out.

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    Re: Note releases cut off when playing via keyboard

    It's got nothing to do with the length control or the polyphony setting. The note release will play just fine if I'm holding down another key at the same time, even if that key is outside the instrument range. And again, ALL releases play fine when played back in Sonar (which really has me baffled).

    The keyboard is sending to channel 1 only, though it doesn't seem to have any sort of "local" setting -- what does that mean, exactly?

    My keyboard is a Kawai K1 II outputting to my Audigy 2 ZS via a Gravis MIDI adaptor, for what it's worth.

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    Re: Note releases cut off when playing via keyboard

    Bump... no one else has any insight on this issue?

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    Re: Note releases cut off when playing via keyboard

    Alright, after some more digging I've finally diagnosed and solved the problem. Turns out it was the combination of my Kawai K1 II keyboard and the GPO Kontakt player. Apparently, the K1 series always sends an "All Notes Off" command (CC#123) whenever all keys are released, and the Kontakt player responds to this command by stopping all sounds immediately. I fixed it by downloading the MFX SustainFix plugin from TenCrazy.

    Perhaps a link should be provided somewhere for others who encounter the same issue?

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    Re: Note releases cut off when playing via keyboard

    That's some crazy (and very non-standard) MIDI implementation on the part of that Kawai. All Notes Off is indeed supposed to do exactly what you described it doing, but it shouldn't be part of the normal MIDI output of any device except as a "panic button" type message.

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