Just looking for confirmation on this before officially submitting...

Has anyone noticed that loop lengths are cheated by at least one sample-tick in 2.1? This will introduce clicks/pops depending on where that boundary is.

I tried this experiment:

1) Create an instance of K 2.1 and K 1.5x.

2) Invert the phase of one of those tracks.

3) Load the same program into both samplers.

4) Enable both tracks for MIDI input.

5) Hold down a key and listen to playback...

What I'm hearing is silence the first time through the sample, which should be the case because of cancellation due to the inverted phase of one track. But then when the sample reaches the end point for its loop and wraps back to the beginning, the K 2.1 track is off by one sample/tick, which means the silence is replaced by a phasey version of the sound. Wait for another loop back to the start and the phase will change yet again as the sample playback between the two versions of Kontakt get further apart.

So... does anyone else notice loop clicks where they didn't exist before after the upgrade? You might try to put an EQ to boost the high-mid to high frequency range to accentuate the pops to see if they're there.

For reference I'm on SONAR 5.2 with Kontakt v2.1.0.006

- m