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Topic: Cubase Slowness!

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    Cubase Slowness!

    When I load, usually, over 4 GPO instruments into cubase SX 1, I get intolerable lag and inconsistent playback (skipping, etc). My computer specs seem to be up to par: athlon 64 3800+ (2.4ghz) and 1.5gb RAM.

    I'm wondering if it has to do with my usb sound interface. It's an M-Audio Quattro which uses ASIO drivers. It has a lot of nice features and is very high-quality for recording (24bit/96khz) ... But it runs on USB 1.0. No way to upgrade it to 2.0, either. Do you think this is the source of my problems? If so, does anyone have any recommended fixes short of buying a new card?

    Thanks sincerely!


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    Re: Cubase Slowness!

    I guess what I'm asking, is would I have significantly less lag using a PCI card/USB 2 card/firewire card as opposed to my USB 1 card?

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