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Topic: Gigapulse missing from FX menu?!

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    Gigapulse missing from FX menu?!

    I did a quick search and didn't see this issue ...

    I'm finding that Gigapulse is no longer showing on my FX listing (in GS3). I'm not sure when *that* started; but I've played with configurations and settings, etc., and I can't get it to resurface!

    Anyone else had this issue (and solved it)?

    I suppose a re-install is in order, but my DAW and GS3 are on the same box, and I don't like to mess with things when they're working!


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    Re: Gigapulse missing from FX menu?!

    Okay, feel free to remind me that I can be an idiot sometimes.

    Gigapulse SP (in GS3 Ensemble) is only available when its been embedded into a .gig file by the .gig file author.

    I was trying to use it on a .gig that I had created.

    I'll go away now. . .

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    Talking Re: Gigapulse missing from FX menu?!

    The first stone should be trown...
    Cheer up, all of us make mistakes..... even me....


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    Re: Gigapulse missing from FX menu?!

    Yeah, when I realized my mistake, I had to return and dis' myself before you guys started piling on!

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