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Topic: John Powell's X3 score

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    John Powell's X3 score

    Powell is normally associated with that Media Ventures quasi-orchestral electronic sound but wrote a magnificant orchestral score for Brett Ratner's take on the X-men franchise. Some of the MP3 samples availble on-line might not reflect this but I think it's Powell's best score to date. Better than Paycheck which was pretty darn good in its own right.

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    Re: John Powell's X3 score

    actually, I really liked the IceAge2 score, and it was a (nice) suprise to see that came from John Powell. I'd liked his Bourne Conspiracy stuff, too, but obviously the man is a versatile and talented composer.


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    Re: John Powell's X3 score

    I was primarily interested in seeing X3 since Powell's doing the score, a couple of XMen fans told me the film wasn't worth it but now that you've recommended it I might go see it anyways. I had a feeling he'd knock this one outta the park - he's a detailed free-thinker, and while he does do the whole electrorchestra thing, he approaches it differently and less formulaically than the Media Ventures folks do. In his music, the two elements often seem to blend together symbiotically, instead of one of them trying to "spice up" the other.
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    Re: John Powell's X3 score

    Powell is one of the best 'new' crop of composers IMHO. He does these types of scores and then does a "Under the Tuscan Sun" a couple years back- VERY vesatile.

    Rob Elliott Music

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    Re: John Powell's X3 score

    I just saw someone complain over the score on a movie website - saying it was plain and cookie cutter. Funny how opinions can vary.

    Its actually quite sad that they dont have the same themes through all 3 films. I would prefere Ottmans over Kamen.

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    Re: John Powell's X3 score

    You will find that movie message boards are populated with people who don't necessarily know very much about music in general much less film scoring.

    I've been continually impressed by Powell's abilities since Face Off mostly because the chords he uses are atypical harmonic progressions from the usual "we love diminished chords" Media Ventures. Powell is by far one of the more adept film composers working these days. I look forward to future assignments of his.

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    Re: John Powell's X3 score

    I thought he did an increadible job on The Bourne Supremacy as well... one of the best scores of that genre IMO...

    Best, Rich

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    Re: John Powell's X3 score

    Score sounds great! Magnificent Choral moments, huge orchestral blasts and a beautifully ethereal theme for Jean Grey...however, in the film the score sounds over-the-top and at times out of place. It just doesn't always seem to fit. As a recording, as a stand alone? Its great. I just felt that it lacked the finesse to complement the film (which needed all the help it could get in the finesse department). It was good and I think Powell certainly knows his stuff - film score fans will eat this up with a spoon. But I just felt the music was distracting in the film itself. Thats my opinion of the score.

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    Re: John Powell's X3 score

    Quote Originally Posted by jpjohn1980
    ...however, in the film the score sounds over-the-top and at times out of place. It just doesn't always seem to fit.
    Agreed, but I thought that being over-the-top was approapriate for the movie. The whole thing was o-t-t!.

    His approach to Bourne Supremecy was exactly the opposite. He went all grown up and understated with that one. I often had the feeling that he chumped out during the action scenes by not cartooning the hit points. It's a lot easier to just let the music roll over the picture than to ride each wave.

    I wonder, is there a middle ground?


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    Re: John Powell's X3 score

    I thought it was a great score. But in the movie it managed to feel a bit too constant at times. It reminded me a bit of the Batman Begins score, but Batman Begins had more moments of quiet... The whole final hour of X3 was like nonstop music(Mixed in a little too loudly), it lost its effect in the film a tad to me.

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