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Topic: [JABB] A little Dixieland

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    Talking [JABB] A little Dixieland

    A friend asked me to arrange a portion of Scott Joplin's "Sugar Cane" in a Dixieland jazz band style, for use in the closing credits of an animation he'd done.

    Here's the original piece (well, the last section thereof):

    Sugar Cane (piano rag)

    And here's my arrangement:

    Sugar Cane (Dixieland arrangement)

    It's all JABB -- except for the banjo, alas.

    This is my first foray into Dixieland style, so if anyone has any pointers on how I can improve in the future, I'd be grateful to hear them.
    -- Jeff Lee
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    Re: [JABB] A little Dixieland


    My pointer to you is to do another one soon just like it!! BRAVO!


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    Re: [JABB] A little Dixieland

    The dixieland one is superb, very realistic, I'll take it!

    My only recommendation is to pan the hi-hat more towards center and cut a little bit of high end frequency response around 8K. This will eliminate the "modern" sound to the hat. The rest of the recording has a very good club feel which is great.
    great sound!


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    Re: [JABB] A little Dixieland

    Excellent arranging, Jeff!

    This is really first rate... I've had it looping a number of times.



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    Re: [JABB] A little Dixieland

    Excellent work! JABB is really starting to show what it can do in skilled hands.


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    Re: [JABB] A little Dixieland

    Nice work jeff, you really captured the exuberance of this style.

    regards Joe

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    Re: [JABB] A little Dixieland


    Good work! Big "bang" arranger... !

    Give us more!

    Best Wishes....

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    Re: [JABB] A little Dixieland

    Excellent arrangement and one of the best sounding trumpets i have heard so far...


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    Re: [JABB] A little Dixieland

    Total realism, to my ears!
    Brilliant stuff! Well done!

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    Re: [JABB] A little Dixieland

    What a gas!! This is great stuff. The only objectionable thing about it is its over too soon. More, please.
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