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Topic: Kontakt2 dislikes lush cellos

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    Kontakt2 dislikes lush cellos

    I'm having trouble with the lush cello patch when loaded into Kontakt 2. The notes from F#3 to A3 (apparently all the same sample) do not sustain fully. They cut off after about 4 seconds. Curiously, this is not the case in GPO player.

    Can anyone else verify this?

    DFD setting does not make a difference.
    - Jamie Kowalski

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    Re: Kontakt2 dislikes lush cellos

    You are right, they cut out in K2.1 - in DFD mode, NOT Sampler mode. And although they don't actually cut out in the player, there is a noticeable click and loss of volume. Something is definitely wrong with G,G# and A (not F#).

    Strange. If I load two instruments in K2.1, one in DFD mode and the other in Sampler mode, both play correctly.

    Correction: It is only the Lush Cellos from "9. Notation", that will play correctly in Sampler mode. They seem to load a lot more samples, than the Lush Cellos from the ordinary "8. Section Strings".

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