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Topic: Big Bob's Swan Song

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    Senior Member Big Bob's Avatar
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    Jun 2005
    Apple Valley, California

    Big Bob's Swan Song

    Hi Guys,

    I've had a number of heart problems for quite a few years now and unfortunately, things have been getting progressively worse. I no longer seem to respond to a lot of the medication I've been taking and my Cardiologist has advised me that I need to curtail all unnecessary activity, both physical and mental. Unfortunately that includes my active participation in the forums and the myriads of side activities resulting from that. I deeply regret that I'm going to have to reduce my level of involvement rather abruptly. I have truly enjoyed the many lively discussions we've had and I have both learned a lot and benefited greatly from our interchanges. I will truly treasure the kind remarks that so many of you have posted. I am also sorry for the few situations when I got a little rankled with some of you. We all have our bad days and I hope you can forgive me for mine.

    As far as SIPS is concerned, I am about half-way through incorporating the first two enhancements mentioned in the 'SIPS Enchancement Thread'. I will try to finish these and then release the next version (V110) but I have no idea of how long that will take me. If and when I get it done, I will post it along with updated documentation. I had intended to post more information as to why I am overhauling the User Preset system but that will now have to wait until I can update the User's Guide for V110. I had also planned to continue the technical discussion and try to resolve the 'big release sample triggering issue'. From that, I had hoped we could decide whether or not to include any RT support in V110. Right now, I don't know if I will be able to pursue that issue any more. However, V105 was released with a very comprehensive documentation package, so even if I can't make any further contribution to SIPS at all, I'm sure that someone like Nils will be able to pick up where I leave off if that seems a worthwhile thing to do.

    I am truly sorry to have to do something like this so abruptly, but, I really have no choice in the matter and I hope you will all understand.

    May God Bless all of you,

    Big Bob (aka Wonderful Bob)

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    Unhappy Re: Big Bob's Swan Song

    I'm sooooo sorry to hear about your health problem and hope you get better . I was just reading your SIPS manual and thinking of how generous you are, and I'm so grateful for your work. THANK YOU!.. and you will be in my toughs every day until you get better(which shouldn't be too hard cause I'll be using your script like.. every day . More script would have been nice but it's time to take care of yourself now. So forget about K2'scripting and relax, you've earned it. Besides life's too short my friend.

    From a sad Geronimo .

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    Re: Big Bob's Swan Song


    I shared my sorrow with you on another forum, but I feel the need to add a little to it here.

    You have contributed so much to the virtual intrument world with your scripts and have inspired and helped many to have the courage to write scripts too. The openess of your code and your top quality manuals are a benchmark for both us and professional developers to achieve.

    Add to that, you will have helped many people orchesrate legato lines that may have been otherwise dismissed because of a lack of realism.

    You will be sorely missed but definately not forgotten because we'll all be using your scripts (or dirivations of it).

    Now...relax, listen to some Dixieland and get better!!!

    All the best.

    Andrew K

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    Senior Member Bruce A. Richardson's Avatar
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    Re: Big Bob's Swan Song

    Hi Bob,

    Ironic that I was just checking out your fine work today. I am impressed with it.

    I wish you the best of luck, and hope that your health challenges subside.

    Best regards,

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    Re: Big Bob's Swan Song

    Bob, take it easy, relax, do things that you like and love, nothing more!
    Get better!

    Arf, arf, arf...

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    Re: Big Bob's Swan Song

    Take care Bob,

    Analysis and programming burn the nervous system to the bones.

    Have a rest, give walking to your body and keep your mind empty.


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    Dec 2005
    Traverse Bay

    Re: Big Bob's Swan Song

    What a great contribution you have made... with or without any further input. Much appreciated Bob. Very much appreciated!

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    Re: Big Bob's Swan Song

    Yur the K2 master... !! Hope your heart problems improve Bob... your a huge vital part of this community that would be sorely missed if you were to drop out completely.. good luck and thanks for all you`ve done ...

    Best, Rich

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    Senior Member Big Bob's Avatar
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    Jun 2005
    Apple Valley, California

    Re: Big Bob's Swan Song

    Hi Guys,

    I want to make this one last post to tell you all how deeply touched I've been by all your many kind and compassionate posts and PMs with well wishes. And, I especially want to thank all of you for your prayers on my behalf. Those prayers are being answered because I'm already beginning to feel much better.

    I am also very grateful that I'm not 'leaving you in the lurch' so to speak. Ever since Nils (Kotori) has appeared on the scene, he has demonstrated exceptional excellence in his technical knowledge and programming skills and, perhaps even more importantly, he has shown that he is a very giving person with a sincere desire to be helpful to others. On top of that, he's just full of great ideas and he never sleeps . Then don't forget you have quite a few other 'rising stars' in your midst. Benjamin (Dynamitec) seems very sharp and very willing to get involved in a helpful way. I'm sure you can expect to be further blessed by his contributions. Then there's Andrew (Thonex). While Andrew is still a fledgling scripter , he's coming up fast and isn't afraid to jump in and get his feet wet. But, more importantly, Andrew has what would (in Christian circles) be called the 'gift of exhortation'. Have you ever noticed how he seems to be everywhere at once? And always with kind and encouraging posts to lift everyone's morale. Of course there are yet other scripters new and old but if I were to list everyone, this paragraph would go on and on. So, let's just say that my absence will hardly make a dent (but naturally I hope that you'll miss me just a little).

    Since Nils has expressed a tentative willingness to carry the SIPS torch forward, I have been in communication with him about doing just that. The current plan is that I'm going to try to finish V110 with just the initially planned enhancements as far as I've gone with them. Besides some cosmetic improvements to take advantage of the newer KSP language extensions, the enhancements include the SLS bypass feature and a complete overhaul of the Preset System. There were a couple of 'holes' in the Preset System for V105 that are remedied in V110. This includes new features that allow you to name User Presets and to import all panel parameters (not just the key parameters). This will make it easier in the future to upgrade to a new version and not have to re-enter a lot of settings that you may have customized. When I get V110 finished, and if Nils agrees to all this, I'm going to deliver it to him and 'pass the baton' at the same time. If he takes this on, I'm sure he will soon start to add some of the other requested features as well. In fact, considering how prolific Nils is, I'm sure he'll do more with SIPS than I would have had the energy to do. I'd especially like to see some new member scripts for things like articulation switching, a repetition (TKT-like) tool, a formant-corrected bending tool (I still want to do a convincing slide trombone) and what not. With Nils at the helm, I'm sure we can expect to see a lot of this sort of thing. Now, I haven't actually received an 'official answer' from him on this yet, so if you want to see this happen, you know what to do ; but hopefully, SIPS will live on.

    Again, I want to tell all of you how much I have enjoyed interacting with you and I want you to know that I'll still be monitoring this forum periodically to keep 'my finger on the pulse'. And, once in a while, I may even drop in a post or two just to say hello.

    May God Bless All Of You,

    Big Bob (aka Wonderful Bob)

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    Smile Re: Big Bob's Swan Song

    Hi BB:

    I didn't get to see this post till now, and I am very saddened to see that this may be your last post and that you are going through so many health problems. I know health problems suck, and they some times keep you from doing things you would like to do, but I want to be optimistic and wish you a full recovery.

    Thank you so much for all the generous contributions and support you've given to me and so many people in this forum: All the helpful posts, the awesome scripts, detailed manuals, etc. You have spent so much time with all this and then given it all away for free.

    If you can, I hope you can drop back once in a while and give an update on your health.

    You'r a kind, generous, and good man Bob, and I wish the world had more of you.
    God bless you too BB


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