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Topic: Violins Sustain + Short

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    Violins Sustain + Short

    Hi I'm new to GPO and was wondering if someone could explain how Violins sustain + short can be used? Thanks

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    Re: Violins Sustain + Short

    That is the patch I use the most for strings when I write with GPO. The modwheel is for dynamics so the further you rotate the mod wheel up, the louder the dynamic. Also, the higher the velocity (How quickly you strike a key) determies the attack to a certain degree. Finally the sustain pedal, when depressed, cuts-off the slower attack portion of the samples so that the there is an almost immediate attack which is supposed to be for legato line when you want notes to smoothly change from one to another without the slower attack before each one. Like I said, this is the main patch I use for all strings. With the modwheel, it is very intuitive for swells and general dynamics. Hope this helps.


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    Re: Violins Sustain + Short

    I really appreciate your reply and I do have a little better understanding of how to use it, but could you give me a practical example. I'm arranging my musical and wondered how I could, in general, . use that sample for a piece. Thank you very much.

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    Re: Violins Sustain + Short

    Quote Originally Posted by Ron St. Germain
    Hi I'm new to GPO and was wondering if someone could explain how Violins sustain + short can be used? Thanks
    Hi Ron,

    The Sustain + Short patches are general purpose patches that can be used to create a variety of articulations and techniques. With the use of controllers you can "sculpt" sustain notes or use them to create short notes. Having one patch allows you to do a variety of long and short bowings with controllers in one patch, rather than changing patches in mid stream. I hope this answers your question.

    Gary Garritan

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    Re: Violins Sustain + Short

    Hi Gary,

    That did answer my question. Thank you very much.


    I would just like to say you are providing an extremely valuable service by posting the RK book with GPO musical examples. In addition, the use of the professors to help update, and expand upon, RK's text is great. You're doing a lot of hard work for free and all of us at your forum appreciate it very, very much!

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