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Topic: Rescalings construction tool

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    Rescalings construction tool

    Hi everyone,
    I wanted to construct accurate rescalings for mod-wheel controlled crossfading but I felt that doing it manually by drawing curves with the mouse in Kontakt wasn't a particularily attractive solution because of the work and the bad precision. So I constructed a PC program which can import and export rescalings. There are different ways of specifying the rescaling curve:
    • By manually entering 128 values (between 0 and 100)
    • By using eg. Excel to construct the values and paste them into the program
    • By writing a formula inside my program
    • For linear and equal-power crossfades by specifying a couple of intervals in my program and pressing a button
    The formulae are very powerful so you should be able to construct most any curve using one. It's possible to use different expressions for different intervals. Here are two rescalings created with my tool. And here's a screenshot of the tool itself:

    To download it and for some usage instruction see this thread. I hope that someone will find this useful.


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    Re: Rescalings construction tool

    Hmm... it seems that link was automatically censored. There seems to be some kind of schism between the people who run these forums. That's too bad, because the scripting part of that forum is really a valuable source of information and the tone always very respectful.

    Anyway, here's a download link for the program.
    Just unzip it and run K2TableEditor.exe. Press the button labeled "?" to get information about how to construct a formula.
    To export/import values to/from Kontakt you need to have Kontakt started and a rescaling completely visible (no parts outside the screen). Furthermore, the rescaling Active button must be active. This is needed because the import works by taking a screenshot of Kontakt and interpreting that, and the export works by automating the mouse (automatically moving it and clicking at the right places in the table).

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