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Topic: Mini PC's for GS3

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    Mini PC's for GS3

    Has anybody used a small-form PC for Gigastudio? (ie. Mini-ATX or smaller mobo).

    We have three PC's just running GS3 and could use a few more but we don't have much room in our machine-closet.

    Any comments gratefully received. We only need one PCI slot of the sound card.


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    Re: Mini PC's for GS3

    I'm not running Giga, but I've been running "mini PC" for Kontakt and other VI's for about a year now. It's an Athlon 3200 with 1.5 gigs of ram.

    It has one PCI slot which has a wavecenter card for ADAT & MIDI I/O, and 2 hard drives (one is monted where the DVD/CD drive is supposed to go).

    One thing you have to really watch is the temp! these little boxes can run hot. I had mine in a little "cubby" closet and it would overheat unless I opened the door. This of course defeated the purpose of the "cubby" for noise reduction. FYI my dual 1 gig G4 runs fine in an identical "cubby".

    Maybe that won't be an issue for you with a seperate machine room, but it's something to keep in mind.

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    Re: Mini PC's for GS3

    I have been doing some research, and I think that a mini-PC hooked to a Tascam Firewire 1804 is a pretty sweet box (if you're looking to avoid the PCI cards altogether).

    I'd agree that cooling would be important to consider...

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    Re: Mini PC's for GS3

    FWIW, I've been using my rack-mounted Shuttle barebone for a couple of years now both on live gigs and in a studio environment serving as an extra Giga box. No heating or other problems with that setup whatsoever. The thing to note is that many mATX mobos or barebone models are limited when it comes to RAM as they often only support 2GB.


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    Re: Mini PC's for GS3

    The June issue of SoundOnSound just landed in my mailbox, and I see that it has an article on just this subject.

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    Smile Re: Mini PC's for GS3 or 3 into 1 = NICE

    I have been running six Shuttle SN45G SFF XP 3200 computers for a while now and they have been very reliable.I changed out the exhaust fan for a quieter one,but that is all that was needed.They have the Silent X power supply and I use MIA cards inside those boxes and feed the mixed digital signal into some Roland M1000 mixers..The Giga versions have an 80GB boot drive and a 120GB read drive-all WD JB 8 MB cache drives..The Sonar boxes have been running 2 x 120 GB..The chipset is an Ultra 400 which is the fatest FSB spec of an XP board available...All that considered though-I have just switched over the main computers to nVidia Ultra Sli MBs with Athlon 64 x2 4200 CPUs and the WD 3200KS drives-16 MB cache..vroom vroom..The reason is for those SATA drives and I need more room in the case if I am to have a RAID array running.
    I am using the Antec Sonata II cases with as many passive components as possible and there are more choices available in a standard configuration.The SN45Gs are powerful little boxes-but I have a feeling that they will all get turned into some of the Athlon 64 4200 x2 boxes..The new boxes are not as small and cute-but they are very quiet and they crunch numbers extremely quickly..With GS3 Orchestral-one of the new boxes can do what 2 or 3 of the others were doing.. That equals less noise-and that's nice ajw

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    Re: Mini PC's for GS3 or 3 into 1 = NICE

    Quote Originally Posted by ajw
    With GS3 Orchestral-one of the new boxes can do what 2 or 3 of the others were doing.. That equals less noise-and that's nice ajw
    Definitely when it comes to pure number crunching, but you're still subject to the same 1.1GB memory limit...


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    Re: Mini PC's for GS3

    Hello Felix,

    we are working GS 3.12 on a MSI Hetis 865 GV equipped with an Intel P4 3,4 GHz, 2 GB Ram and an SCSI Harddisk. OS is XP Sp2 in "acpi multiprocessor" mode. The system is stable with 3.12, was unstable with 3.10. The only problem is that there are some clicks when the machine gets "hot" - temperature.

    Regards from Martin

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    Re: Mini PC's for GS3

    thanks very much everybody! We have just installed two Shuttle barebones, one of which is working great, (touch wood!) and the other has a few memory issues which I'm trying to tackle...

    We love the shuttle format though!!

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