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Topic: Rack PCs

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    Rack PCs


    I am looking to get a new PC for Giga use. I'd like to get a rackmount PC. I am awate of Sweetwater and Carillon but was wondering if there are other "brands" of rack PC built specifically for audio. I am also open to custom built systems in the L.A. area if anyone knows someone who builds and supports Audio PCs. Also, are there any users of the Carillon or Sweetwater systems who have any thoughts on how well they work (or don't).

    I also have an older PC that is being used for Giga that I'd like to rackmount. It is currently in a tower (purchased in 2002). Any recommendations/caveats about moving theguts of the tower into a rack chasis?



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    Re: Rack PCs

    I recently bought one from ADK Pro Audio. So far it's been great. It's by far the quietest PC in my studio.

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    Re: Rack PCs

    Build it yourself. That way you know the workings of your system. I've built a few for myself using dual apps. like gigastudio/Scope DSP DAW's. Sure it's a pain, but when you play live and have a problem, well just call up the guys who built it and see if they answer the phone, or help you through the gig. You are on your own, so may as well start now instead of at a job somehwere. Besides there is always a hardware player only, lurking and laughing just waiting to steal your gig.

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    Re: Rack PCs

    I, too, can attest to ADK Pro Audio. I replaced two Carillon units with ADK units. Much happier, much faster, much more scalable (and less pricey)

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    Re: Rack PCs


    is there somewhere to find some good instructions (for a Mac guy) for doing your own rackmount PC? that is, accumulating parts and assembling?
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    Re: Rack PCs

    Building one is realitively easy. You have to do some research on the componants you are going to use. I would start by going to the manufacturers website for the sound card that you are using and see what they recommend for motherboards and memory. Other things 2 keep in mind are clean and quit power supplies. I recoomend 550 W minimum, speed of hard drives and you will want at least 3 of those. One specifically for your opperating system another for your programs and yet another for your samples. You can get everything you need , including the case from Newegg.com. Another way to find out what you need is to call sweetwater and tell them that you are interested in their most powerfull computer. They will break it down for you and then you can buy the parts yourself. It is very rewarding to do it yourself and like the other guy said, you won't have to rely on someone else to fix it when it breaks.

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    Re: Rack PCs

    i have built all of my giga machines, but i bought my daw running nuendo from ADK Pro Audio. not only was the machine great, but their service is amazing. i've called them several times for support and they've always been very helpful. one of their techs even called me back on a sunday night to help me with a loose cable inside the machine so i could run my spotting session the next morning.

    5 stars here for those guys.

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