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Topic: Horrible K2.1+sonar4 script bug in recording notes

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    Horrible K2.1+sonar4 script bug in recording notes

    i'm using kontakt2.1 as DXi in Sonar 4 studio edition.
    i have a BIG problem in using scripts that generates notes events in K2.1
    if i load an instruments, apply a script (no matters in which slot) which creates notes events, like the arpeggiator, note transposer, piano resonance script (K2 Resonance script PSR_4.8.a.nkp) etc... and i record the midi track in sonar4, i get a mess of notes in the track, because it seems that sonar is recording ALSO the notes generated by K2.1 script itself.

    i remember that this behaviour was not present in Kontakt 2.0... it compared in the update....

    this of course makes these kind of scripts completely unusable, since when you hit play, you will hav ethe original (as recorded) notes AND the "additional" notes generated by the script when you previoulsy recorded the track... .and the script process also the "additional" notes!!

    can anyone confirm/comment/report on this?? is a sonar 4 bug?? should i try to download sonar 5? and if it a problem solved with sonar 4, should i ask NI to pay me for the update?!?!? ^_^

    i hope i've been clear in explaining this...

    please, help! some the scripts are completely useless in this setup!! :-(

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    Re: Horrible K2.1+sonar4 script bug in recording notes

    It's a know bug In Kontakt !

    I hope that it will be fixed soon !

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    Re: Horrible K2.1+sonar4 script bug in recording notes


    Kontakt 2.1.1 update is out.

    IT should be fixed in this update.

    (But read the read me file about script and midi)

    For me it's OK in SONAR



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    Re: Horrible K2.1+sonar4 script bug in recording notes

    Hi Olivier!

    Well the update is pretty cool (like re-arranging the racks), but my LPC and PMI Hybrid "Holy Grail Piano" scripts are still FUBAR (they don't work right) - bummer.

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