With the 50% sale that's about to start tomorrow, I'm thinking about getting the Kontakt version of the Scarbee Imperial Drums. It says that it comes with one GM Mapped Kit, and at least with the Kontakt version, I'll be able to move things around to suit my own tastes and kit needs, but I was wondering if anyone here works with the GM kit, and if so...do you think it is still just as useful (meaning articulate and convincing) when compared to the Scarbee kit mapping???

Sometimes it's quicker and easier to work with GM drum tracks/patterns in Project5, and I'm really impressed with the SID audio demos, but I'm still wondering if the GM Kontakt version offers the multiple velocity-switched samples?

Also, this may be another question altogether I suppose, but does the Kontakt version offer all the exact same features as found in the Halion version?