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Topic: Church organ Suggestions?

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    Church organ Suggestions?

    Hey, im looking for a decent ,rich full sounding "Horror" sound church organ, and im not immediatly overwhelmed by choice.
    Is there, if any at all, good options to choose from?
    The only one i know, is Sam Mystique Organ, And thats not really the sound im after, its sounds a bit sharp and...hm, lacking in drama . hehe, or something.
    Any suggestions, or recomendations?


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    Re: Church organ Suggestions?

    Notre Dame de Budapest Pipe Organ Samples... here's the link


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    Re: Church organ Suggestions?

    ok im checking out the demos.
    thanx for the tip.

    forgot to mention that im a K2 user though.
    This seems aimed at Gigasampler?
    Am i right in remembering there is something in the Kontakt 2 library from this perticular Organ lib?


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    Re: Church organ Suggestions?

    NDB has a kontakt 2 specific library (just got that a few weeks back).

    Also check out post's organs.. They are also very nice.


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    Re: Church organ Suggestions?

    Well, I have had good results using the organ samples of GPO. There are only 13 stops, but they can be altered, and will probably do what you want. There is also an assortment of free organ samples on Hammersound, but I don't find them useful.

    If you are interested, I could send you a couple of links to mp3s of a few of my organ things done with GPO.


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    Re: Church organ Suggestions?

    well thanx, but i actually own GPO, and thats partly why im looking for a new one, becouse the quality of the Gpo stuff isnt really up there with my other orchestral libs, but i have been using the organs from Gpo from time to time.

    I wish Quantumleap\Eastwest would make a good organ lib, their stuff is usually very high end IMO.

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    Re: Church organ Suggestions?

    You're not going to find better organ samples than NDB. It's just killer.

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    Re: Church organ Suggestions?

    well i downloaded the NDB demo, and i must say i wasnt really impressed.
    that wasnt the sound i was looking for really, it sounds too nice, it wasnt full and rich enough, in a way.
    In the K2 library, there is a sorround churrch organ, by Sonic implants (?) , that has the exact sound im looking for, but it is in sorround.
    so im not sure how that works in stereo, but if you know it, thats extactly the type of sound im looking for.

    The houptwerk seems very intresting, but the system requiremnts were a little sttep or what? and the price too, but ill check into it!

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    Re: Church organ Suggestions?

    If you can wait a bit - and you can afford it. VSL are releasing an organ.

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    Re: Church organ Suggestions?


    You can set the K2 organ to stereo outputs - it still sounds excellent that way (it was done by sonic reality). If i'm not mistaken, thats the tutti sound or some other combination of many stops - you can get that sound with other organs by layering combinations of some of the stops.


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