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Topic: Scarbee Imperial Drums XL and Stylus RMX

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    Scarbee Imperial Drums XL and Stylus RMX

    Please forgive the newb question here. Is there a way to use Scarbee Imperial Drums XL with Stylus RMX. I have always liked what I heard about Stylus RMX but have not made the plunge because I have also heard that the drums are not as realistic as those in sample library format. So can somebody give me an answer and better understanding?

    Also, am I just way off in my understanding of how Stylus RMX works? I like the way Stylus RMX works, but what would be the best to me is to use whatever drum sample library I wish within Stylus RMX.

    Thakns in advance. Scarbee's sale is just too good to pass up!

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    Re: Scarbee Imperial Drums XL and Stylus RMX

    I'll let someone with more technical knowledge fill in the gaps, but the simple answer is no (well, I guess there is a way but not how you think). Stylus RMX is NOT a sample player like kontakt, giga, etc. Stylus is a LOOP player (which also happens to have some individual hits in its core library).

    With stylus, you can create your own custom LOOPS using recycle, and those loops, I would imagine (I dont have recycle) can be individual hits. However, you cannot simply take a .wav file from a sample library and play it through RMX, you have to convert it into REX files, and doing so for an entire drum library would NOT be worth it in my opinion.

    Just play samples libs through their own sample players and you will be fine

    BTW, as for "realistic drums" it depends on what you mean by realistic. RMX stands for RE-MIX and thus focuses on textured drum loops rather than re-creating a live drum set. That being said however, there are expansion packs for RMX focusing on just drum kits, such as Backbeat and Retro-funk. Hop on over to spectrasonics.net and have a listen

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