I'm hoping that some K2 Script experts are about!!!

I have been using UltraTKT for sometime in Kontakt 2 and its been working great, however with the recent update to K2 (2.1) I have stumbled across a problem.

First of all I will describe a typical patch of mine (this is in a sequencer)
1 Create basic program.
2 Under group editor/Group start Options/Start on Controller - pick CC1 and the range is 2 - 127. (So that when the mod wheel is at 0 it's off and dosent eat up polyphony)

This works fine, but the problem is when I add the UltraTKT script moving the mod wheel dosent now trigger the sound?? The Group start options dont seem to trigger. If I bypass the script it starts to play correctly again, or if I set the Start on controller range from 0 - 127 it works. This never happened until the new 2.1 update to K2 so I think they must have changed something.
It does work in standalone - the problem is in my sequencer (Cubase SX3)

Any one else able to replicate this?? or know why 0 it used to work great!!

Update: The guys over at VIcontrol fixed it for me!!