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Topic: Instruments get switched in GS3

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    Instruments get switched in GS3

    Has anyone had this problem. It happens all the time for me.

    I'm trying to figure out why in GS3 that when opening a previous project or right in the middle of working, I get instruments switched out with something else in the project. I then have to detatch that one and put in the right one. There is no pattern either. Thanks for the feedback.

    Brent Grosvenor

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    Re: Instruments get switched in GS3

    It sounds like your sequencer is sending Bank\Patch changes.

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    Re: Instruments get switched in GS3

    I have a MIDISport 2x2. When I change programs on my keyboard, I first push the button to disable the MIDISport, so it won't send patch changes to Giga.

    Sometimes you want the patch changes. Sometimes you don't. Giga can't read your mind, so you have to be very deliberate in this regard.

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    Re: Instruments get switched in GS3

    When you say, "change programs on the keyboard," do you mean within your sequencer or something else? Sorry for not understanding. I am using two computers (one for Sonar 5 and the other for Giga). I am also using a midisport 1 x 1 to trigger 2 4x4's So I can use all my ports. Anyway, what could I do different to prevent these swtiches in either Giga or Sonar?


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    Re: Instruments get switched in GS3

    By keyboard, I meant musical keyboard (MIDI controller), not the PC keyboard.

    If you are only using Sonar 5, try specifying the Port and Channel only when setting up your tracks. Leave the bank and instrument settings at the default. On Sonar 3 the default is "None". I can also go to Tools | Global Options |MIDI and disable the recording of patch changes. I'm not sure about Sonar 5. You might seach the manual for patch, program and bank changes.

    In any case, Giga reacts to program and bank changes. It's a great feature, but can get ugly, if your sequencer or MIDI controller are requesting unwanted changes.

    -Jon Fairhurst

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    Re: Instruments get switched in GS3

    Oh yah, I think you nailed it. I'll make those adjustments in Sonar. And I have noticed patch switches right when I turn to another channel on my keyboard (Kurzweil K2500). So I'm sure you're sending me down the right path. I'll put an update up later. Thanks again.

    Also, I don't mean to change the subject in this thread, (which may be against the rules) but what do you think about "stuck" notes. In my case, I am using Sonic Implants Trombones and a couple of other horn sections and I have notes hanging up right around middle C. Even if they don't hang up while sequencing they may still hang later during playback so I don't believe it's the keyboard and it has not done this with any string instruments. They fade out after abou 11 seconds. Thanks again.


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    Re: Instruments get switched in GS3

    I use a Kurweil PC88, and have never had a stuck note in Giga as far as I can remember.

    I've optimized my machine, so I don't get any spurrious traffic tying up the CPU. It may be that your CPU is occasionally busy with other stuff when the note off event happens.

    I use the tweaks at http://www.videoguys.com/WinXP.html

    It could also have to do with your MIDI input driver in the PC, but it's really hard to say. There are a number of links in the chain.

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