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Topic: Why should I buy GPO without being technical

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    Why should I buy GPO without being technical

    Hi all,

    I am a new member of this forum and don't have GPO yet, so this question seems a bit odd in the GPO forum. And it is.
    I've read a lot about it, listened to the demo's, searched the net for reviews and user experiences and since yesterday I struggled along the threads in this forum.

    The latest message puzzled me the most, about not getting the controllers to work under Sonar5 Prod. And besides that, what puzzles me is the use of the MOD wheel. I hope the package comes with a manual to explain why and what you can do with it.

    The way I do things up to now (for piano only) is the following and I plan to go on doing this for orchestra also [PC under Windows XP];

    1. Notation program exports to MIDI,
    2. MIDI imported into Cubasis 5.0 [from now it shall be Sonar],
    3. MIDI edited by Cubasis, and sometimes by Midi Maestro,
    4. Assigning The Grand 2 to the midi channels,
    5. listen to the output,
    6. edit the midi file [5 and 6 are cyclic events until it is to my liking], on velocity, sustain, etc....
    7. export to wave file at the highest possible rates,
    8. edit audiofile with Adobe Audition.
    Now Garritan. I have an orchestral score, exported to MIDI, I open this MIDI file into Sonar, assign the appropriate VST instrument [violins, etc....]
    The rest is quite the same as for piano solo.

    Is it as easy as I think it is? Or should I be or become a MIDI technician/programmer, amending all sorts of CC's?


    Raymond - who is planning to buy the package tomorrow

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    Re: Why should I buy GPO without being technical

    Well, GPO is a great program, and the price is quite good, a true value.

    My working method is:

    Open a vst instance of GPO, set up my needs and set up GPO midi fx filter for all channels, mapping velocity to CC1 for all instruments except piano and percusision.

    Enter the music in Sonar by whatever means feels right today.

    Tweak away.

    After saving as cwp, save also as mid, open in your notation file.

    This is backwards from your procedure, but it is simply a matter of preference.

    I don't have a mod wheel, don'want one. I get along well without it, and don't worry much about the technology. I am much more concerned with the music.

    If it would be helpful, I could send you a link or two of mp3's have made in this way, using gpo and sonar.


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    Re: Why should I buy GPO without being technical

    and yet another way of working:
    I work entirely within my notation program (Finale 2006), where the HumanPlayback feature gives a very convincing performance (any additional tweaking can be done easily using the MIDI tool in Finale) from a carefully notated score (articulations, hairpins, dynamics, tempo markings, slurs, phrasings, etc...).

    so there are probably as many ways of using GPO as there are programs out there that are compatible with it. I know some people who like myself, work entirely within Finale, while some others prefer to still export MIDI files from Finale into a sequencer. It's a question of whatever you're comfortable working with. I think the couple of demos of my pieces here can vouch for the effectiveness of my way of working (and are a tribute to Robert P. and his hard work on HumanPlayback)

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    Re: Why should I buy GPO without being technical

    Quote Originally Posted by Raymond Robijns
    The latest message puzzled me the most, about not getting the controllers to work under Sonar5 Prod.
    I'm not sure where you read this, but I have no problems with controllers under Sonar 5 -- unless you're referring to my thread about latency vs. legato, where I get rather technical about something that is a rare occurance.

    My working method is like Richard's, starting in Sonar, and only exporting for notation after I'm completely satisfied. This just makes sense for me, since I care more about what it sounds like than what it looks like. If I started with notation, I'd likely make changes after the import into Sonar, and have to go back and change the notation again to match. This I consider the ultimate luxury of having a virtual orchestra.

    For over twenty years I wrote many large scale pieces on paper alone. With GPO I find no reason to do it that way any longer. I now have the ability to change a note and instantly hear how it shapes the piece. Yes, I can hear music I read in my head for the most part, but hearing in the head is a poor substitute for hearing in your ears.
    - Jamie Kowalski

    All Hands Music - Kowalski on the web
    The Ear Is Always Correct - Writings on composition

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