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Topic: Chicken S. Translator

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    Chicken S. Translator


    Hi everyone, I 've made a terrible mistake and bought chicken sys translator. I was in a hurry and purchased a product despite the fact that when you email chicken sys to ask them anything they don't reply.

    So I buy the EXS special edition to convert a load of stuff I need in a big hurry. After I pay I download the app, I double click to convert my Kurz sample and I get the message, "this isn't supported at this time." The product description specifically state that it works for Kurzweil on mac ( my platform) Let this be a lesson for anyone considering making a purchase. I am now stuffed and there is nothing I can do...

    I can't believe I was stupid enough to buy an unsupported product

    ATB Mark

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    Re: Chicken S. Translator

    We were gone part of this week and most of your emails went into a different mailbox (orders@chickensys.com, not support@chickensys.com). So our apologies. (No need to jump to conclusions...)

    I've emailed you a couple times last couple days, please check your mailbox.

    You mentioned not being able to convert Kurzweil things, or Sonic Implants Strings (Giga I assume), and SoundEngine Organ libraries (assuming Kurzweil?). All of those work here fine, you must not be working the program correctly.

    Your emails simply say "this does not work". Can't help you much without more information.

    Best thing to do is to call us, but I know you are in England and that may not be feasible. In leiu of that, just be more specific on your emails (use step-by-step things, that's easiest) and we can help just fine.

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    Re: Chicken S. Translator

    Specifically you said:

    1) I Can't translate KRZ files
    2) I Can't open Sonic Implants String Collection
    3) I Can't translate Sound engine organ collection

    Need more info, "why" can't you?

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