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Topic: EW Gold vs Opus 1 vs GPO vs Kirk Hunter!! Which one??

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    EW Gold vs Opus 1 vs GPO vs Kirk Hunter!! Which one??


    Oh man I have this image of a lot of guys trying to put the keys back in their keyboards because they just smashed them!

    I was just working on a piece and started thinking about my first midi experiences.. 1986, an Amiga 1000 running Aegis Sonix. Back then the Amiga could sound four midi voices at once (pretty amazing for a computer at the time).

    I still remember the first time I saw Electronic Arts Deluxe Music Construction Set for the Amiga at a computer show in Orlando.. it was the first time I had ever seen a program that could read input from a midi keyboard in real time and notate it. It was FLOORING!

    There are a lot of library vs library, Sonar vs Cubase, Mac vs PC, etc debates (of which I take part in).. but 20 years ago I could have never imagined the power of ANY of these tools! That's the scary thing.. literally, 20 years ago nobody would have ever dreamed of a 100 GB hard drive let alone a 100 GB sample library!

    Makes you wonder what we'll be taking for granted in 2026 that we could never dream of today...


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    Talking Re: EW Gold vs Opus 1 vs GPO vs Kirk Hunter!! Which one??

    Interesting point, after all. What will we have in 20 years from now on (except much more gray hair, more wrinkles etc)...?

    I would take a wild guess and say in 20 years we will laugh at the attempts of reproducing naturally sounding instruments by using sample recordings, since the acoustic modelling and synthesis technologies are so much advanced, that everything is being generated on the fly, with just the same sound quality and flexibility that everyone is after.

    Of course, i could be wrong, and in 20 years we're all trapped in some JudgeDredd-BladeRunner-Paranoia-SciFi setting, slowly starving to death. Who knows :>

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    Re: EW Gold vs Opus 1 vs GPO vs Kirk Hunter!! Which one??

    ...yea and try to extrapolate where we will be in 10 years. I hope that within the next years a 100% convincing string-emulation will be possible.

    in ten years?

    ew gold as a freeware gimmick in the computer music mag
    gpo pocket calculator edition.
    the vsl building-complex is meanwhile leased by a notorious disco. in the toilets vending machines are selling for a cheap buck fast string sections....

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    Re: EW Gold vs Opus 1 vs GPO vs Kirk Hunter!! Which one??

    We'll have A.I. computers each with their own personalitywho will be playing ultra modern V.I. instruments. Finally a composer will have the ultimate orchestra complete with temper tantrums, big egos, improper intonations, all that good stuff.

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