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Topic: Must Have Dept: Elvis Camera

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    Must Have Dept: Elvis Camera

    You can own your very own ELVIS CAMERA and order one here.

    "Take pictures that look as though Elvis is right next to you with the Elvis Camera! Picture the King as a surfer serenading you by tropical moonlight— as a handsome G.I. taking you for a stroll in the park. Follow the simple instructions, making certain to center your subject in the frame, then develop as you would any other disposable camera. Your 4" x 6" photos will magically feature 4 each of 6 different Elvis scenes--starring you! 24 exposures; built-in flash."

    Only $18.98!

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    Re: Must Have Dept: Elvis Camera

    My girlfriend is going to, UH HUH, love THIS!!!

    OK, she just came up to the studio to see, and she's saying - "Oh, but I thought he'd at LEAST put his arm round you." Women? Never satisfied..


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    Re: Must Have Dept: Elvis Camera

    Doesn't work. I bought one for my wife as a joke and every photo she gets Jerry Lewis instead of Elvis. DEAN!!!

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    Re: Must Have Dept: Elvis Camera

    Thanxx for the tip off, Styxx - I was about to buy into that, for a quiet life..


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