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Topic: orchestral pack newbie...

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    orchestral pack newbie...

    Hey everyone!

    I'm pretty new when it comes to choosing a great orchestral pack. I am pretty close to deciding on the kirk hunter emerald pack, however I notice that there is only giga and kontakt versions. Well, I seriously don't have the money to buy those samplers, and I currently use sfz+ for soundfonts. I would have no problem (i think) with not being able to use the features in those samplers, but would the conversion work properly to sf2? I won't be writing classical compositions, but more minimal rock songs (such as the verve, sigur ros). I have been using a small library that a violinist made and sold small-time, and it is great, but from checking out KH's demo's, I'm really impressed. The strings especially have a huge, lush sound that will definately be great for my uses...

    So more or less, how "safe" would it be to purchase say the giga pack and use Extreme sample converter to translate it all over to soundfonts?

    Ron C

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    Re: orchestral pack newbie...

    Most of the full orchestral packages make an awful lot of use of the native programming in each sampler. Whilst you could convert the raw samples to sf2 you'd be losing a lot of the playability of the package you've bought and hence a lot of its value.

    Why not go for GPO which provides a VST sample player as well as the samples, and that way you retain all the clever programming and tricks which make the samples so playable.

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    Re: orchestral pack newbie...

    does gpo / EWQLSO use a dongle or anything strange for copy protection?

    I'm still not completely convinced why I should not just go for the kirk hunter lib and miss out on the "programming"... If I make enough money I could just buy kontakt 2 eventually.... What precisely would i be missing out on? (I speak under ignorance, sorry... Could anyone give me examples in mp3 displaying the difference?)


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    Re: orchestral pack newbie...

    okay i just got a GREAT opportunity to getting a license xfer from my friend over to me of kontakt, BUT- it's academic version, and version 1. She's going to "contact" NI to see if i'd be eligable for upgrade, if so, I am on my way!!!

    Do any of you know if they allow upgrade off of an academic kontakt 1 xfer?


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    Re: orchestral pack newbie...

    Hello Community,

    My name is Jaybishop and I'm new here, however I'm not new to music, it's my passion. I just want to say hi to everyone and let you know that I'll be asking a lot of questions really soon. I do have several library that I was blessed to purchase and I really would love to know how to use all of them to their fullest capabilities..... Thanks for letting me join you.....


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    Re: orchestral pack newbie...

    Hi Jaythan,

    Welcome to the forum!

    For future reference: It's bad form to interrupt an ongoing thread and change the topic, but since you're new here. we'll give you a break.

    You can start a new thread and introduce yourself, ask questions, share your wisdom, whatever... Or you can respond to the existing conversation in an existing thread.

    Now... back to the previous topic...

    If you don't already have a sampler, and can't afford one, GPO or some other VST is the way to go. The advantage is that you'll get a full orchestra to work with at a low cost. The disadvantage is that you can't mix and match. You need to have more than GPO to make like Don Davis/Juno Reaktor.

    All the best...

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    Re: orchestral pack newbie...

    Get GPO, it's an amazing product and the price is right too

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    Re: orchestral pack newbie...

    Quote Originally Posted by Chalfant
    Get GPO, it's an amazing product and the price is right too
    Is it true that GPO doesn't make use of midi velocity or am I misunderstanding something?


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    Re: orchestral pack newbie...

    GPO DOES make use of midi velocity - but not for volume of the sound like most other libraries. In GPO volume is controlled by cc#1 (mod wheel), while velocity controls attack (and through the programming some other related parameters). Many of us find the GPO approach to be a welcome refinement, giving superior control and playability.


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    Re: orchestral pack newbie...

    Or you could ...

    Put the money you would use towards a full orchestral pack towards the purchase of Kontakt 2. The VSL Kontakt Orchesta comes with the package. While it is not a full powered rich library, it is a solid foundation.

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