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Topic: New Stuff: Cut the Chord! - Wireless MIDI Keyboard

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    New Stuff: Cut the Chord! - Wireless MIDI Keyboard

    M-Audio and Frontier Design have partnered on a good idea: totally wireless MIDI keyboards. The first in their line are the MidAir 25 and MidAir 37

    The new wireless protocol that has low enough latency for some audio applications.

    The Midistream system uses UHF radio: "Simply put, we found the UHF band to be superior. We started out by developing both systems, but abandoned the Bluetooth system due to its high latency and other performance problems."

    Being untethered will be liberating!

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    Re: New Stuff: Cut the Chord! - Wireless MIDI Keyboard

    Great idea! Glue 4 of 'em together for a full piano!
    "AAAAUUUUGGHHHHHHH!!!!!!" -- Charlie Brown

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    This is the start of what I hope to be a flood of wireless MIDI products. In the perfect world we only have cables running for microphones and other audio connections. (Even better if we can do this with no wires in the future!)

    I'm glad they did not go forward with bluetooth, it would not have worked well. I looked for details on latency but could not find any. Are there details I missed? I'd like to see what performance is like and how much MIDI we could make wireless.

    Coupled with wireless USB we are headed right into an almost wire free environment. Woot!

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