I really miss a dedicated 2 octave keySWITCHER!
yes, woulndt it be cool, if eastwest etc, sold their products with a 2 octave soundselector\keyswithcer\controller?

it would rest nicely upon my naster keyboard, it would be mapped to fit all major orchestral libraries,(i wish!) and one could choose orchestra section, programms, keyswithes and other controller data in a neatly designed small cheap controller.
it shoulndt be just another controller keyboard, doesnt even have to have keys really, just buttons for keyswitching etc.
it could be very small,it should be usb plugged into the computer, and fully control all aspects of a sound lib.(within reason).

it would be really helpfull i think, does this sound like a poor idea or what?
especially if you havent got a 88 key masterkeyboard.

it could be taken even further, and incorporate some kind of Vienna style smart programming features into the hardware controller itself, making it more versatile , and not limiting it to 1 VSTI?
it woulndt have to be dsp, as its just controler data.
think sequencer like features that change articulations in real time, programmable, and open ended, for other manufacturors to adapt their products to as well.

Now this i would buy!
So i just gave away my buisness idea , haha, but if it comes to life, please remember me hehe.

anyway, good or bad idea?
or even possible at all?