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Topic: Some game/film soundtrack music

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    Some game/film soundtrack music

    Originally posted earlier today at KvR, I thought I'd post this here as well, as it contains mainly GPO material.

    A warning: this is not the same as what you would normally hear in this place. It falls somewhere between the soundtrack and the game music genres. If you enjoy Don Davis or John Williams, you might enjoy this.

    It is a film, not a mp3, as it does not make a lot of sense on its own and it is rather a large file.

    Fun in the Dungeon

    Hope you enjoy.

    33MB wmv format

    Created with Dungeon Siege
    Directed, Produced and filmed by Sepheritoh
    Music by Sepheritoh

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    Re: Some game/film soundtrack music


    I watched and listened to your movie. I guess that my one comment would be that it was very spartan. That being said, I liked it. I, for one, am not good at leaving it simple. When I have attempted it...it comes across as forced. You left well enough alone...when one drum was enough, you left it as one drum. Anyway, I enjoyed what you did, and will have to go back a number fo times to fuly grasp it. I hope to get into the video game market, after I finish up college. A career change at age 34 is pretty scarey. After seeing what you have done here...I hope that my work is as good.

    Keep on writing!

    Prowland the posting Ninja

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    Re: Some game/film soundtrack music


    Very interesting music and sounds. Yes it is definately between movie track and gaming. But then again that what it is intended for. Good use of the GPO in a different setting.


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    Re: Some game/film soundtrack music

    Fascinating piece! Rather a genre all its own.

    This is a great distance from the typical haunts
    of an old hound like me -- but I found this engaging
    and very, very well done.

    I look forward to seeing more, Sepheritoh!


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    Re: Some game/film soundtrack music

    Prowland, Gary and David

    Thanks for listening and your kind comments. Prowland, to change careers into this field must be very daunting, but satisfying. I love computer games and I love movies. I envy people who work in this field and are allowed to do everyday what they love to do. On the other hand, it is a very compettitive field. Best of luck.

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