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Topic: here are the next 2 sections...

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    here are the next 2 sections...

    Hello everybody,

    the next 2 sections that I have been working on lately.

    Processional of Darkness


    The Hunt- Going to War

    Keep in mind, I need some input on where to go with these. Your input on the other 2 was most welcome. I just hope that these are as pleasing to you as the first 2 were.


    Prowland the posting Ninja

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    Re: here are the next 2 sections...

    I am unable to download Processional for some reason. The Hunt was very enjoyable. Very ominous and war-like. Nice use of percussion in the opening. The sudden tempo change mid way was very effective.
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    Re: here are the next 2 sections...

    Very Nice work Paul

    Your arrangements reminded me of Basil Poledouris ( Conan ).
    I especially enjoyed the timpani section of " The Hunt" and also a nice usage
    of tempo change.

    Nice work!


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    Re: here are the next 2 sections...

    Hi Paul,

    You're certainly moving forward at a good pace.

    Processional Of Darkness has rather a tricky, winding theme that
    I'd personally find difficult to manage, but you did quite well with
    it. My standard comments about more attention to control of
    dynamics and tempi, of course... that comes with time. Some of
    the orchestration in this is astute, especially the brass use.

    The Hunt was likewise well done, with some good brass writing.
    I felt a need in this for clearer rhythmic definition in places, in
    transitions, though... and again for better contol of tempi, especially.

    Getting tempi right is one of the things that I think all of us sweat
    over at times. I'll often nudge tempi around dozens and dozens of
    times, and I don't know there's any science to it: when it's right,
    it feels right, and that's about it... and often it's counter to what
    logic would seem to dictate.

    Keep 'em coming, Paul! You're headed down a good road, here.
    As I've said previously, the talent's there -- it's a matter of getting
    the tools down and your head and the paper to cooperate.

    With best regards,


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    Re: here are the next 2 sections...

    Bill, Jeff, and David,

    Thank you all fir the words of encouragement. I got some excellent tip on writing for brass awhile back from a guy on another site. Lots of 4ths to reinforce harmonics. I guess that the concepts really sank in to me. Thank you for noticing.

    Ironically enough, when I tried writing The Hunt before, it did not turn out as well as I had hoped... so, I thought, why not mimic something that had the tension that I wanted... Conan seemed like a good idea. Jeff, you hit the nail on the head...it was very Conan. I just hope that I did not rip it off to badly. I hope that it ended up be an homage to Basil Poledouris. Do you think that I took the mimicry to far?

    Anyway, these are still fairly rough drafts...works in progress! They still need a lot of work. I would for you all to really tear them apart; i.e. at 1:14 the harmonies are not good...you should look closer at them. That type of thing.

    If you would like to hear the early version of the Hunt... let me know, and I will post that as well.

    Of course, I will not have access to my computer until the 21st of this month, so it may be awhile before that one gets posted.

    Thank you all, again,

    Prowland the posting Ninja

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    Re: here are the next 2 sections...


    These are really neat pieces. The Hunt really keeps one of their toes following the frequent changes. And the Procession, a most solemn sound but very effective. I will look forward to hearing the finished product.


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    Re: here are the next 2 sections...


    Once again, thank you. As I said in an earlier post here, these are in the begining stages. Please, tear them apart...any suggestions would be welcome.

    Oh yeah, I will be seeing my Folks this week and, I will pass allong all of ya'll's concern and prayers.

    Thank you,

    Prowland the posting Ninja

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