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Topic: Ivory Artefacts

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    Ivory Artefacts

    Bought it today, I really like the sound and playability but I've noticed that I can hear some pretty obvious artefacts in quite a few of the samples - that kind of digital compression sound, especially if you turn the EQ on and boost the high end (the 10 layer Steinway through AKG headphones is the one I'm noticing at the moment). I don't think this should be the case with 32-bit samples! Also there is some audible noise at the end of some notes. Anyone else noticed this? Or have a solution?? Quite annoyed really...


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    Re: Ivory Artefacts

    take it back

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    Re: Ivory Artefacts

    ...buy a real Staynway and make the samples yourself....

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    Re: Ivory Artefacts

    Journeyman - I can't take it back as it's software. I can't believe nobody else has noticed it, it sounds really quite obvious to me - I think it's the noise reduction they've used, it has that kind of aliasing quality, like an mp3. Like I say, the instruments are very playable, but this is spoiling it for me.

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    Re: Ivory Artefacts

    Honestly, no, I did not note the artifatcts.

    Probably I was too busy making music...

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    Re: Ivory Artefacts

    Yes, I see your point - however it was as I was "making music" that I noticed all this digital noise, which I think is a little unacceptable in a £190 product (well, £290 if you count the fact that I had to buy a drive to put it on).

    I'm saying it here because other people looking to buy should be aware of it as something to listen out for - and also to see if anyone else knows why it is happening.

    I don't really see why this warrants sarcastic and unhelpful responses...

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    Re: Ivory Artefacts

    ...Ivory is the BEST "virtual"piano on the earth actually.
    No notice about artifacts.

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    Re: Ivory Artefacts

    Just out of curiosity, have you raised the buffer size to make sure it isn't a hardware problem? It's been out for awhile so I would be surprised if any obvious artifacts got past the ears around here.


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    Re: Ivory Artefacts

    My point is that the so-called artifacts that you hear don't seem to prohibit thousands of other professionals from using it happily without complaining. Their clients aren't complaining either. That you had to put on headphones and crank up the treble to hear the artifacts is telling as well. Stop looking for problems and either use it or don't. You're making a big deal out of nothing.

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    Re: Ivory Artefacts

    If you boost the high end on the Steinway you will indeed get some noise. Ivory 1.5 has much less noise compared to version 1.0. The old version was quite annoying.

    NI Akoustik Piano has cleaner samples but I prefer the sound of Ivory. Ivory is the best in my opinion.

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