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Topic: String recommendations for a Giga newbie!!!

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    String recommendations for a Giga newbie!!!

    Hi everybody.
    Just registered on the site and I’m after a bit of advice straight away.
    I have recently converted to the classical/film score side of music after several years making dance tracks etc.
    I am in the process of setting up my pc with Gigastudio 3 and was wondering which sample cd’s you would consider the best.
    I was impressed with Project Sam horns collection but they don’t do any strings. If any of you kind people out there could recommend a great sounding string set for Gigastudio, it would be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: String recommendations for a Giga newbie!!!

    I'm really hooked on Kirk Hunter Emerald Orchestra's strings.
    Lots of articulations, great playability and sound, and you get a whole orchestra for a very good price. I'm using Emerald in Giga 2x.

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    Re: String recommendations for a Giga newbie!!!

    Sam Brass with Sonic Implants Strings if you can afford it. I hear great things. Keep in mind that there are other libs you can look into that are stand-alone, meaning you don't need GS3 to run them. Just look everywhere and decide what suits you most. Some people to check out are:

    Sonic Implants
    Vienna Symphonic Library
    East West Quantum Leap
    Kirk Hunter

    It all depends on what you like and how much cash your willing to spend. Hope that helps, and good luck.

    "PRODUCER TO ARTIST: I don't care if that grace note on the snare hit in bar 9085 works! This is dub 'n bass acid house penis, not ~~~~ing house dub 'n acid bass penis with a twist!" - Nick Batzdorf

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    Re: String recommendations for a Giga newbie!!!

    I still find that Sonic Implants are my "go-to" strings more often than not. They are of fine quality. Sometimes VSL is the better sound for a particular piece. Just depends, but I almost always start with SI.

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    Re: String recommendations for a Giga newbie!!!

    Thanks all for your posts...much appreciated.
    Just been listening to some Project Sam demos by Thomas Bergersen. Any one out there know what strings etc he uses in his compositions?

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