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Topic: 'Skins' planned for JABB in K2.1?

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    'Skins' planned for JABB in K2.1?


    For several reasons, I'd like to use JABB in Kontakt 2.1.1.

    Are there any plans to develop 'skins' for the instruments, so that key modulation targets (like tremolo for the vibraphones) would be accessible from the GUI, in a similar manner to the original Kontakt Player instruments?



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    Re: 'Skins' planned for JABB in K2.1?

    It is not a skin you need, but rather a performance view script. Did you try Mike Moscariello's Script Suite?

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    Smile Re: 'Skins' planned for JABB in K2.1?

    Thank you very much indeed for the heads-up and for pointing my inquisitive nose in the right direction! Much appreciated.



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