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Topic: Solo strings with a folk-y flair

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    Solo strings with a folk-y flair

    Hey all-
    I'm about to start a little side project and was wondering which solo string library to look at that would meld well with a folk/acoustic/singer/songwriter piece.
    I'm going to record a guitarist and two vocalists, but I'm new to the area and don't know any string players yet. I thought I'd check out KH's solo string library.
    I have DD's old solo string library that I could layer in there as well, but wondered if anyone had any additional suggestions.

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    Re: Solo strings with a folk-y flair

    Kirk Hunter Emerald chamber strings I think would work better for what you're doing... Plus, there are KH solo strings in the collection if you want to experiment with that too...

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    Re: Solo strings with a folk-y flair

    I used Veinna's Chamber Strings and Solo Strings for my folk/acoustic song and was thrilled witht the sound - especially the Solo Strings! Of course, it's a bit pricey but the best software I've ever used.

    Here's a VERY rough demo of the song I'm working on.


    BTW, the end section is where I tripled up the Chamber Strings to get a more lush sound. I triple the tracks and transpose one of them up and one of them down and use the pitch wheel to bring them into unison. This way you are not triggering the same sample and getting phasing. It worked beautifully and it's very little work.

    And please ingnore the guitar in the intro, just putting ideas together using Real Guitar.

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    Re: Solo strings with a folk-y flair

    I have all the libraries mentioned. I think that while it's more expensive, at the end of the day, you get a broad realistic set of articulations from the VI Solo Strings that you don't find with the other libraries.

    If you know strings, you know that we live and die on having a variety of bowings and articulations to create a realistic sound. VI has the bowings and the articulations. And it's very easy to learn the player.

    With VI, you can play it with a folk-y flair. I think what Matt Dean did was an excellent example of how well it all blended, and it shows you get what you pay for.
    Peter L. Alexander
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    Re: Solo strings with a folk-y flair

    Thanks for the replies, all!
    Matt, that song sure is purty!

    I'll do some research about what I'm actually going to need before I finally pull the trigger.

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    Re: Solo strings with a folk-y flair

    Thanks for the compliments Peter and ZQ. I can't wait to hear it mixed on an API board with and EMT Plate and Chnadler compressor! I have a really gifted guitar player doing the final track.

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