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Topic: From GIGA 2 to EXS24 HELP

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    From GIGA 2 to EXS24 HELP

    I would like to convert my new samle library DirectGuitar from Giga 2 format to exsp24.
    I have Logic 7.2 Express. EXSP24 can read Giga 2 format just converting it in EXS format.
    The problem is that my DirectGuitar has note off (release samples). EXSP24 convert DirectGuitar perfectly but in two banks: one is the guitar sound the other bank is the noises which is the layer in note off.
    Do to the request of people that use Logic I would like to convert my sample library in EXS24 format so it can be available also in this format.
    The question is: How can I have just one bank converted from EXSP24 that includes all the layers plus the noises in note-off.
    I'm ready to offer for free a copy of my 9Gb DirectGuitar to who can really help me to do that.

    Thank you


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    Re: From GIGA 2 to EXS24 HELP

    After Gigastudio 3 I think is not a problem to create sounds with EXS24! . My problem is not to create but understand why when EXSP24 convert the GIGA format it creates 2 files: sound and noise layer which is not possible to load together on it. So I'm thinking that probably the problem is that I 'm converting a giga2 file that is share in 2 instruments.

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    Re: From GIGA 2 to EXS24 HELP

    Thank you so much re-peat. Is exactly what I wanted to hear.
    The problem now is how to do that in GIGA. I tried to combine two programs but...I don't know...let me try again and then I let you know if the process was successful

    Thank you



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