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Topic: Beat Clock

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    Beat Clock

    Anybody know how to transmit MIDI beat clock from a sequencer on one computer to a sampler on another? I've got my DAW (Pro Tools LE) on a PC, connected to a USB MIDISPORT 8X8, which runs four MIDI ports to a USB MIDISPORT 4X4 that's connected to a Mac running Kontakt 2. I can trigger note events in MIDI just fine, but I can't get beat clock to transfer from Pro Tools to Kontakt. Anybody had any success with this?

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    Re: Beat Clock

    If you're using Pro Tools 7.1, go to Setup->MIDI->MIDI Beat Clock and enable it for the devices you're sending to.

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    Re: Beat Clock

    I'm on Pro Tools 7.0 -- I tried the update to 7.1 but I couldn't get it to work... couldn't get the installer to recognize that I'd uninstalled version 7 so that I could begin installing version 7.1. But as far as I can tell, both versions have that feature you mentioned. I went up to Setup-->MIDI-->MIDI Beat Clock-->Enable MIDI Beat Clock for... and I put a check mark in the MIDI port sending data to the Mac. Still, no change. I still can't get Kontakt 2 on the Mac to recognize beat clock from Pro Tools LE on the PC. I've tried running it in standalone. I've tried running it hosted by a simple VST host called "HostX 1.0.7"... nothing works. I'm going crazy trying to get this working. If anyone has any ideas... please help!

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    Re: Beat Clock

    7.0, 7.1, earlier versions - it doesn't matter, PT can still send MIDI clock wherever you want.

    Is the MIDI clock leaving the PC? Check your MIDI interface lights (unless you're using MIDI Over LAN, which is a better way to do it). Is it making it to the Mac? Same thing. Is Kontakt set up to respond to it?

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