Grammy winning Naxos Recordings, the world’s leading classical music label, has teamed with Alexander Publishing to package the Naxos Music Library with Alexander Publishing’s Professional Orchestration , the first orchestration text to be endorsed by winners of the Academy and Emmy Awards. “Where other texts charge up to $106 for a 5CD set, Professional Orchestration readers get a one-year subscription to the 149,000 streaming audio Naxos Music Library free with purchase,” said Alexander Publishing CEO Peter Alexander.

Because students learn orchestration by listening to the orchestra, packaging the 149,000 streaming audio Naxos Music Library with Professional Orchestration solves many learning issues for both individuals and schools.

All 260 full-page/full-score examples in Professional Orchestration Volume 1 are supported by the Naxos Music Library which gives the learner both scores and sounds in one single package.

Available music styles range from Gregorian chant to 20th Century composers, film scores, Broadway, jazz, folk, world, Chinese and other musical genre which are all online 24/365. “Whatever musical resources a composer needs for a project are at the Naxos Music Library just waiting to be heard,” said Alexander.

Because Professional Orchestration comes with instrumentation notes for the major orchestral instruments, additional playlists beyond the book’s examples are being setup. These bonus playlists support the new one-semester Professional Orchestration Syllabus for both individuals and schools, which releases in July 2006. “By the end of the semester, a student will have written a minimum of 10 pieces, prepared them for live performance and publishing, and depending on his resources, recorded them, thus giving the student a starting portfolio and demo reel by which to launch his composing career,” noted Alexander, who developed his first college curriculum in music at age 19.

An important benefit for Professional Orchestration customers is that the sheer size of the Naxos Music Library yields a wealth of resources to learn MIDI mock-ups and orchestral mixing. Learners who do MIDI mock-ups of Professional Orchestration’s full-page/full-score examples can now compare their work and their sample libraries with the actual recorded orchestra. “In a time, where composer’s have to write for live players and know how to make sampled instruments sound live, Professional Orchestration with the Naxos Music Library is the only orchestration series that covers both worlds,” said Alexander.

On September 1, Professional Orchestration Volume 2, Orchestrating the Melody Within Each Orchestral Section is scheduled to ship. All of the full-page/full-score examples in this new 800+ page reference are supported by the Naxos Music Library, as are Writing For Strings Level 1, and the new Writing For Strings Level 2, Writing For Woodwinds, and Writing for Orchestra, all of which are releasing throughout 2006 and 2007. “The purchase of any one Professional Orchestration title gives audio access to the entire Professional Orchestration Library,” Alexander pointed out.

When asked about downloadable MP3s, Alexander said that a relationship would soon be announced that would enable Professional Orchestration customers to legally download classical MP3s for as low as $0.22 per track. “The Apple iTunes store charges $0.99 a track, so this is a significant savings,” Alexander responded.

Customers wanting complete CDs are referred to where they can be ordered directly for $6 to $8US per disk.

Professional Orchestration, the only orchestration book to be developed on the film scoring stages in Los Angeles, is the first volume of eight with volume 2 shipping mid-summer, and volumes 3 and 4 shipping in 2007. Professional Orchestration is organized around the 8 Keys of Learning Professional Orchestration. Each learning key has its own volume covering a specific set of techniques with audio examples from the Naxos Music Library demonstrating each technique.

Alexander Publishing is the educational publishing arm of Alexander University, Inc., producing high quality self-directed training materials in music, music technology, and Christian education. It’s corporate mission, Learn It Right the First Time, underscores the company’s 20-year commitment for creating, no-nonsense, practical, executable self-directed instruction.

In 2005, Naxos Recordings, the brainchild of German entrepreneur Klaus Heymann, is the world’s leading classical music label. In 2005, Naxos won four Grammy awards and was named Gramophone's magazine’s Label of the Year. Naxos has over 650 top 3-star recommendations in the Penguin Guide and they’ve been awarded more than 65 Gramophone Editor’s Choices.

Speaking about Naxos’ quality, Stereophile magazine wrote, “I have a shopping basket of full of Naxos recordings to recommend for this ‘Records to Die For’ issue. How about 24!”

Regarding Naxos value pricing, The New York Times said, “It’s all happening on Naxos, the voracious budget label that dispatches repertory by the trunk load.”

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