Okay...I know, I know...I should have purchased the Scarbee J-Slap'n Fingered last week during the 50% off (at least I did purchase the SID for Kontakt during last week's price slash), but today's another day.

So I'm hearing Fred's impressive "bass solo" created with the J-Fingered GIGA version and realize I've gotta get this bass library...but I use Kontakt. So if I go the less expensive route ($70), I get the GIGA version and try to import it into Kontakt 2, hoping it will import correctly. Has anyone here imported the J-Fingered GIGA into Kontakt 2 successfully and without any errors or mistakes that need to be corrected in Kontakt?

I know that the Slap'n Fingered Kontakt version is about twice as much cost-wise, but I don't really have too much use for slap bass...so that's why I'm looking to import the Fingered version.

UPDATE: Well...I've never known much about GIGA Studio, so I checked out their website and noticed there is the GS3 Solo version for $80. And since it offers Rewire support, I'd be able to use GS3 Solo with SONAR PE4 and then be able to purchase GIGA formats without having to worry about importing them into Kontakt...obviously, I lose the ability to edit the sample instruments using GS3 Solo, but it would open a doorway to using GIGA titles. Now I'm really confused...should I bother with GS3 Solo or stick with Kontakt and try for an import, hmmm....decisions, decisions!!! If I bought both GS3 Solo and J-Fingered GIGA, then I've already spent the same amount of money that would have been spent on the Kontakt Slap'n Fingered version. UGHhhh.